Disc Jam

Disc Jam (PS4)


PlayStation 4
High Horse Entertainment
High Horse Entertainment


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User Ratings: 12

Our Review: 6/10


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  • US 7th Mar 2017
  • EU 7th Mar 2017
Sport, Frisbee
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  • Review Disc Jam (PS4)

    Wind stammers

    High Horse Entertainment, the tiny two-person team behind futuristic PlayStation 4 frisbee-'em-up, is a big fan of two things: Windjammers and Rocket League. It's hard not to compare the launch of this sphere slingin' sports title with Psyonix's soccer cars – it's launching as a PlayStation Plus freebie and is even structured...

About The Game

Ready for some futuristic, fire-powered frisbee?

Become a true champion in the sport of tomorrow where all that stands between you and a flaming throwing disc is the mid-court net.

All you've got to do is keep the disc out of your court and especially out of your goal area. How you do that? Well that's up to you. Master a sweet curl and send the disc bouncing of the high metallic walls, build up your power and hurl it with the unstoppable force of a titan, or play a simple game of strategy by lobbing low and catching the opposition off guard.

Whatever tact you choose, timing will be everything: making precise throws will improve your return power and your curling ability and a perfect throw will set this high-octane hot potato on fire, increasing the return speed with every successive perfect pitch.

When all is said and done, you won't become a centre-court superstar in a lack-lustre sports kit. So, win big, bank the points and turn all that sweet dough into killer new outfits with masses of cosmetics to unlock and countless ways to customize.

Ready to play with the pros?