Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III


PlayStation 4
Bandai Namco


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User Ratings: 131

Our Review: 9/10

Dark Souls III News


  • News Feast Your Eyes on the 2D Dark Souls 3 Metroidvania That Never Was

    Bloodborne remake, eat your heart out

    In between FromSoftware's major releases, Souls fans will often feed their addictions with 2D takes on the genre, many of which are fantastic in their own right, like Blasphemous or Salt & Sanctuary. Each has its own unique appeal, but all lack that special From sauce. We recently got a sneak peek at...







  • Feature The 10 Best PS4 Soundtracks of 2016

    Hitting the right notes

    Another year gone. Times flies, doesn't it? 2016 may have been, erm, less than stellar in a lot of respects, but the games industry was by no means one of the problems. Quality reigned supreme across so many titles it's hard to keep track. Not to be left behind, though, was the music from these games, which delivered some top...





  • News Dark Souls III PS4 Trailer Keeps the Hype Train Moving

    True colours

    Are we getting no respite today? Hot on the heels of the fantastic Uncharted 4: A Thief's End story trailer, Bandai Namco has deployed this desperately moody Dark Souls III clip, which is backed by a macabre cover of Cyndi Lauper's 'True Colors'. This is a proper miserable little trailer, we've got to be honest. But doesn't it look...

  • News Not Even Dark Souls III Is Immune to the Season Pass

    Who wants to pay for unannounced DLC?

    In addition to being utterly fantastic games, there's a rebellious streak to the Souls series that makes it so appealing. We described Bloodborne as the "anti-AAA" in our Game of the Year article on the PlayStation 4 exclusive, and that applies to the franchise as a whole really; it's utterly uninterested in...




  • News Prepare to Die with Dark Souls III Stress Test on PS4

    Dead and merry

    Want to get an early taste of Dark Souls III on the PlayStation 4? There's good news for you masochistic individuals, then, as Bandai Namco is requesting registrations for an upcoming server stress test. Hapless victims have until 15:00PM BST on 4th October to show some interest, though signing up will not guarantee access by any...

  • News Dark Souls 3 Rips a Japanese Release Date from 2016

    Western date supposedly incoming

    From Software's got its hands bloody and confirmed that Dark Souls III will be releasing in its native Japan on the 24th March next year. The gloomy role-playing game was originally slated for a vague 'early 2016' launch, so the official date comes as no real surprise. But what about the title's Western release?...