Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 4

  • US 9th May 2018
  • EU 9th May 2018
PSVR Support
PlayStation VR (Required)
Feature Support


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    Art attack

    Tilt Brush was one of the early virtual reality highlights, allowing you to “paint” within a three-dimensional canvas. CoolPaintrVR aims to bring a similar experience to PlayStation VR, and while it is limited by Sony’s technology, it’s still a decent option if you’re looking for something artistic on the PlayStation 4. This is...

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CoolPaintrVR Screenshot
CoolPaintrVR Screenshot
CoolPaintrVR Screenshot
CoolPaintrVR Screenshot

CoolPaintrVR News

About The Game

CoolPaintrVR is the relaxed VR family experience you were looking for. 

Imagine drawing in 3D space with a large collection of brushes, primitive shapes, tubes, particles and many other stunning effects, while listening to your favourite music playable from CoolPaintrVR via an USB stick. 

Imagine being lost in your own creative universe, using the zoom feature to build a small world within another, hiding mysterious secrets that the rest of the community should try to figure out.