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  • News Control Demake Returns to the Roots of PS1

    No April Fools here

    Yeah, Control is a pretty good game on modern consoles, but what about if we got to experience it a few decades back on PlayStation 1 instead? Principle gameplay designer Tommi Saalasti at Remedy has made it a reality with a demake that takes the Federal Bureau of Control and protagonist Jesse Faden back to the 1990s. 51 seconds...




  • News 505 Games Attempts to Explain Control's PS5 Upgrade Scandal

    It all comes down to cash

    Control publisher 505 Games caused controversy last week when it revealed that only owners of the third-person shooter’s new Ultimate Edition would be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free. If you own the original, regardless of whether you have the Season Pass or not, you’ll be bang out of luck...

  • News Control's Alan Wake-Inspired DLC Arrives on PS4 Later This Month

    Stay in the light

    Even though Alan Wake has never come to a PlayStation system, the character of the same name takes centre stage in the second piece of DLC for Control. It's out on 27th August 2020 and you can catch a glimpse of it in the announcement trailer above. We get to see the man himself along with protagonist Jesse Faden doing what she...


  • News Remedy Confirms a PS5 Version of Control Is in the Works

    Little info to go on

    It wasn't part of Sony's PlayStation 5 games reveal event last night so this tidbit of news might have gotten lost amongst all the excitement. Remedy has confirmed that it will be bringing Control to PS5 with a native version which we assume will take advantage of all the new bells and whistles the next-gen console brings...


  • News Remedy Could Be Lining Up PS5 Port of Control

    Game of the Year edition?

    Control will be playable on PlayStation 5 thanks to backwards compatibility. That we know for sure, however, it looks like the game's Finnish developer might have plans to port the title in its entirety to Sony's next-generation machine in order to make it a native experience. With two pieces of DLC planned for launch in...





  • News Is Control Any Better on PS4 After Patch 1.03?

    Have the performance problems been resolved?

    We rather like Control here at Push Square Towers, but it's hard to ignore the game's technical shortcomings. It generally looks great and plays well, but things have been slowing to a crawl whenever combat gets a little too heated. The frame rate drops to single figures at times, the map has struggled to...

  • News Control Gets Two Paid Expansions in 2020, Free Game Mode in December

    One of them is Alan Wake related

    The post-launch support for Remedy's Control is starting to come thick and fast, with the developer dropping patch 1.03 just yesterday in order to improve performance across both the base PlayStation 4 and the Pro. Next up is the paid content that will bolster what there is to see and do within the Oldest House - two...

  • News Control's 1.03 Update Promises to Improve Performance on PS4

    Stability upgrade

    It has become common knowledge that Control does not run very well on either the base PlayStation 4 or its Pro counterpart, but in an official post last week, Remedy stated that it was working hard on rectifying issues and improving performance across the board. The first of those updates has now arrived, with the 1.03 patch...

  • Guide Control - How to Upgrade Abilities

    Improving your powers

    How do you upgrade your abilities in Control? Remedy's latest places a huge emphasis on taking advantage of your powers during combat and combining them with the use of your service weapon. However, how do you make them even better than the base version? Here's how you upgrade abilities in Control. How to Upgrade Abilities in...

  • Guide Control - How to Upgrade Weapons and Mods

    Getting a better gun in Control

    How do you upgrade your weapons and mods in Control? Remedy's latest places a huge emphasis on taking advantage of your powers during combat and combining them with the use of your service weapon. However, how do you make them even better than the base version? Here's how you upgrade weapons and mods in Control. How...

  • Guide Control - Is There a New Game Plus Option?

    Extending the play time

    Can you keep playing Control after beating the game, or are you forced into New Game+? Will you be able to finish side missions after completing the story? It's always a handy piece of information to have, so we're on hand to answer that question for you. Is There a New Game + Option in Control?: At launch, Tuesday 27th...

  • Guide Control - How to Get the Levitate Ability

    Take to the skies

    How do you get the Levitate ability in Control? It's one of the most important mobility options during combat, but you won't gain access to it until the back half of the game. Here's how to get the Shield ability in Control. How to Get the Levitate Ability in Control: This ability is earned as part of the main story - during...

  • Guide Control - How Do You Level Up?

    You can't

    Can you level up in Control? Since there's a whole skill tree to work through and numerous upgrades to purchase, it's understandable to assume that you'll be able to level up in the game. Can you, though? In this guide, we'll answer that very question. How Do You Level Up in Control?: You do not have the ability to level up in Control...

  • Guide Control - How to Get the Shield Ability

    Putting up a defence

    How do you get the Shield power in Control? It's one of the most important defensive options during combat, but you won't gain access to it until you've made a good amount of progress. Here's how to get the Shield ability in Control. How to Get the Shield Ability in Control: Once you reach Central Maintenance, head to the...

  • Guide Control - How to Activate the HRA Machine in Mission 4

    The punchcard solution

    How do you solve the punchcard puzzle in mission 4 of Control? How do you activate the HRA machine? This is perhaps one of the most complex puzzles in the entire game, even stumping us for a decent amount of time. However, here's the solution you'll need in order to progress. How to Activate the HRA Machine in Mission 4 in...

  • Guide Control - Fridge Duty Side Mission Walkthrough

    'Astral Phenomena' bronze trophy obtained

    How do you complete the Fridge Duty side mission in Control? Many of the game's side missions are very well hidden throughout the world, but one of the easier quests to get your hands on is Fridge Duty. Here's a full walkthrough of each and every step you'll take towards completing it. Control's Fridge Duty...

  • Guide Control - Tips and Tricks for Beginners

    The basics of Control

    Control marks the return of Remedy Entertainment on Playstation. After a mammoth 16 year wait, the Finnish studio brings a supernatural experience to PS4 that places the emphasis on a living, breathing gun and your suite of superpowers. There's a lot to the title, so here are some tips and tricks to get you started. Control...

  • Guide Control - How Long Does It Take to Beat?

    How many hours does Control's campaign take to complete?

    How many hours does Control's campaign take to complete? How long does it take to beat Control? The length of a playthrough is always an important question, and Remedy's latest is no different. Here's how long it will take to beat the game, playing at a normal, steady pace. How Long Does...





  • News Quantum Break Developer Remedy's Control Has PS4 Exclusive Content

    And timed exclusive content, too

    Control, the latest game from Quantum Break developer Remedy, will have PlayStation 4 exclusive content. At launch, all copies of the release will include the Astral Dive Suit costume, a Rare Player Mod (used to upgrade in-game abilities), a Rare Service Weapon Mod (used to upgrade the protagonist’s main weapon),...

  • News Control PS4 Release Date Confirmed for August 2019

    Supernatural summer

    Previously marked down for release in summer of this year, Remedy Entertainment has narrowed down the release date for its upcoming action adventure title, Control. After a leak from the Microsoft Store website seemingly revealed the date early, the developer has now confirmed when you'll be joining Jesse in The Oldest House...

  • News Control Narrows Its Release Window to the Summer

    Filling up the quiet months

    As part of its coverage with Game Informer, developer Remedy Entertainment has revealed that we should expect Control to release in the summer of 2019. This means that the game will most likely launch between the months of June and the end of August. This is potentially the very best time to launch a new IP, especially...

  • News Master Various Supernatural Abilities in Remedy's Control on PS4

    Mind over matter

    Control marks Remedy Entertainment's return to PlayStation, and fortunately, it's looking fairly promising. Playing as Jesse Faden, who assumes the top role at the Federal Bureau of Control, you'll use more than just a fancy transforming gun to fend off the mysterious alien power known as The Hiss. In the above video from Game...



  • E3 2018 Control PS4 Gameplay Shows a Strange Supernatural Shooter

    Taking back control

    Appearing on Sony's post-conference livestream, Remedy Entertainment showed off a little more of its new PS4 game, Control. We got to see a pretty cool trailer for the game during Sony's presser, but the above video contains a brief look at gameplay, and it's looking rather interesting indeed. You play as Jesse Faden who, on the...

  • E3 2018 Remedy Pulls Back the Curtain on Control

    Assuming direct control

    Despite Sony stressing they'd be bringing only four games with them to E3 this year, it was generally accepted there'd be something more on display, even if it was just small. Not only did Sony show off a plethora of trailers during what was sort of an intermission for the people there in-person, there were some pretty big...