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  • US 26th Jul 2016, $9.99
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    Locally sourced

    The advent of online console gaming for a time led to something of a dearth of decent arena combat games, but thankfully the PlayStation 4 has gone through something of a renaissance on this front in recent times. With a slew of great local multiplayer games such as Sportsfriends, Stikbold!, and Towerfall Ascension, Chambara joins a...

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About The Game

Chambara's core mechanic is disappearance - a unique marriage of visuals and design. Players hide in plain sight by camouflaging against like-colored areas to ambush each other in thrilling and stylish duels. In Chambara, you and your friends will experience the edge-of-your couch tension of stealth combat in a game that looks like no other.

While Chambara is a competitive action game, we wanted to avert it from the toxic tropes of hypermasculinity and redemptive violence that come out of uncritical design thinking. We value competitive games because of the dialogue between players and the relationship to sportsmanship. We wish to draw out the best aspects of this kind of game with Chambara.

Chambara has been exhibited at events like E3 2015, Indiecade, BitBash, the Independent Games Festival, and Orbyt Play. Chambara is also the winner of the 2015 BAFTA "Ones to Watch Award" and an IGF Award Nominee for Best Student Game. Chambara promises to thrill and connect players with its striking visual style and deep, tactical play.