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  • US 9th Aug 2016
  • EU 9th Aug 2016
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  • Review Brut@l (PS4)

    Rogue leg@cy

    Anybody remember those dungeon crawlers from the eighties, the ones based on Dungeons & Dragons and made entirely in ASCII characters? Well, for those not versed in the storied history of tabletop and its transition onto the home computer, these titles were the earliest example of the roguelike. Classics like Moria, Angband, and...

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Brut@l News

  • Video Does PS4 Dungeon Crawler Brut@l Kick ASCII?


    Throwback dungeon crawler Brut@l isn't set to launch on the PlayStation 4 until next week, but aware that a certain space sim is right around the corner, Scottish developer Stormcloud Games has allowed us to go live with our coverage a little earlier. Fortunately, the title stacks up nicely – a smart artstyle and some neat systems...

  • News PS4 Dungeon Crawler Brut@l Will Spark Many Arguments


    Looking to live the easy life? Don't play old-school PlayStation 4 dungeon crawler Brut@l in local co-op, then. The ASCII-inspired Gauntlet-esque face smasher will test your friendships, as you must work with companions to share out loot, dispatch enemies, and even decide whether you're going to revive them. Your ultimate goal? To descend to the...

About The Game

Brut@l is a modern re-imagining of the classic ASCII dungeon crawler, fusing old-school gaming with a stunning 3D visual style to create something unique.