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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 11th Sep 2018
  • EU 11th Sep 2018
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  • Review Boundless - Not Quite a Minecraft Moment

    Bountiful, sort of

    Up until now, we haven't seen much from Wonderstruck, the creative minds behind Boundless. Boundless is another in a large set of procedural sandbox games that have sprung up in the last half decade or so. The game has been in early access on Steam for about four years, and has finally received its full digital release. So how...

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Boundless News

  • News Boundless Breaks Boundaries from 11th September on PS4

    Bound to be good?

    Innovative Minecraft-inspired MMO Boundless will begin its interplanetary adventure from 11th September on the PlayStation 4, developer Wonderstruck has announced. The gargantuan online game pretty much lets you do whatever you like in its enormous sandbox, building settlements and trading items as you see fit. Of course there’s...

About The Game

Ever wanted to become master of your own universe? Or to leave your world behind and start again? Step into the world of Boundless and your every creative dream can be made reality…

Set up home in a vast, online sandbox world and start building the world in your own vision. Claim the land as your own, harvest resources, create materials, build structures and set up your own trading society with other online players. Don’t like the terrain of your world? Build yourself a portal, step through and start life from scratch in a new, procedurally generated world.