The Adventure Pals

The Adventure Pals (PS4)


PlayStation 4
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Massive Monster


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User Ratings: 3

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Number of Players
Action, Adventure
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  • US 3rd Apr 2018
  • EU 3rd Apr 2018
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Xbox One, Switch eShop


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About The Game

The Adventure Pals is an action-packed platformer about friendship, exploration, and riding your giraffe.

Mr. B is kidnapping old people and turning them into hot dogs! It's up to you and your best buddies to save the day. You'll leap, slash, and blast your way through increasingly madcap levels filled with traps, weird and wild enemies, treasure, and more. Along the way, you'll help a whale regain confidence, take a side in the battle between toast and dinosaur, travel to a legendary sunken city and decide the fate of a Pirate election. Explore the world on the back of your giraffe. Your travels take you across a huge land filled with zombie pirate cats, post-apocalyptic dinosaurs and hotdogs that poop explosive mines. Explore the mystical forests of Treevale, hike the haunted craters of the moon and dive into the depths of the ocean to find the lost city of Crablantis.