Wanted Corp

Wanted Corp (PS3)


PlayStation 3
Zoo Games
Eko Software


Game Rating

User Ratings: 4

Our Review: 6/10


Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 6th Dec 2011, $9.99
Controller Support
DualShock 3, PlayStation Move, Navigation

Screenshots (4)

Wanted Corp Screenshot
Wanted Corp Screenshot
Wanted Corp Screenshot
Wanted Corp Screenshot


  • Review Wanted Corp (PlayStation 3)

    Move over dual analogue controls

    Swarms of mini-robots continue their attacks as two enormous cyborg monkeys furiously charge onto the screen, while two bounty hunters try to evade a robed wizard’s constant onslaught of deadly purple energy balls. The powerful walking mech is closing in; its massive destructive power will hopefully ensure...

About The Game

Traversing dangerous terrain through four different campaigns, players wield a variety of weapons and kinetic powers – machine guns, grenades, telekinesis, protective shields and lightning – to eliminate or arrest more than 26 various kinds of enemies including fierce bosses, sentry robots and mechanical spiders.

Environments also pose challenges as shooters must navigate obstacles while battling opponents in diverse settings such as hostile jungles, murky swamps and a secret, underground base.