Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV


PlayStation 3


Game Rating

User Ratings: 24

Our Review: 9/10

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  • News Sony Tosses Curious Hadouken Cabs PS4 Teaser Trailer Online

    Oh my car

    We make it a rule to be sceptical when it comes to so-called scoops from commercial email addresses, but we reckon that Sony may be up to something with this ‘Hadouken Cabs’ teaser trailer. Overnight, we were contacted by a strange Gmail account, which encouraged us to not just call a cab, but to call a Hadouken Cab. “[We’ve been]...


  • News No Plans for Ultra Street Fighter IV to Dragon Punch PS4

    Capcom admits that there's lots of anticipation for a Vita version, though

    Series producer Yoshinori Ono has KO’d any hopes of the recently announced Ultra Street Fighter IV punching its way onto the PlayStation 4. In a series of Tweets, the Capcom legend admitted that the publisher has no plans to release the title on any platforms beyond current...

  • News Ultra Street Fighter IV Throws a Few Fireballs Next Year


    Capcom’s not done re-releasing Street Fighter IV just yet. During a panel at the EVO Championships this weekend, the publisher announced Ultra Street Fighter IV, a brand new expansion pack featuring five new characters, six stages, and rebalanced gameplay based entirely on fan feedback. The add-on’s due out early next year as an £11.99...