Number of Players
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 4th Jun 2009
  • EU 4th Jun 2009
  • JP 19th Mar 2009

PlayStation Plus Premium (Subscription)

  • 13th Jun 2022


  • Review Trash Panic (PlayStation 3)

    Coming from Japan, Trash Panic is as suitably bonkers as you'd expect

    Trying to explain the concept of the game in a few sentences will be difficult, but we'll try our best. Challenged with a rectangular playing field [a.k.a. bin], you'll be presented with a range of junk - from simple office stationery to entire golf courses (really); you're tasked...

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About The Game

The classic block-dropping puzzle genre is transformed with a liberal sprinkling of trash.

Filled with explosive, cartoony style, Trash Panic is a colourful, frenetic and utterly addictive challenge.

A conveyor belt carries an unstoppable stream of rubbish towards your dustbin – and your job is to make sure all of the junk fits in. As everyday objects – from pencils and teddy bears to barrels, bikes and bags of potatoes – arrive for disposal, you must think quickly, and tactically drop each item to efficiently compact the bin's contents and score points.

Use heavy items to smash the trash, set fire to waste that will burn; some litter even rots away when it comes into contact with the right substances.

Will you dispose of your garbage using Eco or Ego play? Ecologically-minded Trash Panickers get rid of their garbage by breaking it down or helping it decompose. If you're more interested in burning everything in sight and detonating exploding items, it's definitely the Ego route for you.

Either way, just keep your eyes peeled for valuable items that have been thrown away by mistake – let one slip through and you'll be showered with a punishing rain of penalty trash!