Superfrog HD

Superfrog HD (PS3)


PlayStation 3
Team 17
Team 17


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User Ratings: 6

Our Review: 6/10


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Single Player
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  • EU 31st Jul 2013, £6.49
  • US 6th Aug 2013, $9.99
Retro, Remake
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Cross-Buy, Cross-Save, Cross-Controller
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PS Vita

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Superfrog HD Screenshot
Superfrog HD Screenshot
Superfrog HD Screenshot
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  • Review Superfrog HD (PlayStation 3)

    Princely or wince-worthy?

    Superfrog HD is the remake of an Amiga classic from 1993 and was made by the trusted people at Team 17, who are famous for the Worms series. The narrative is not really groundbreaking, but it tells the sweet love story of a prince and a princess. As with all magical kingdoms, though, fate has something else in mind for the...

About The Game

Curses! The evil old witch has done it this time... She’s gone and turned the Prince of the Magical Kingdom into a bright green frog and made off with his loved one. Sometime life, even in the Magical Kingdom, just isn’t fair! However, life by the riverside was not to be all doom and gloom for our once regal, yet now green and warty chum.

As luck would have it a strange and powerful elixir floats down the the stream and catches our amphibious friend’s attention. Intrigued, our soon-to-be-hero take a huge swig. After a few minor explosions he becomes the legend that soon will be SUPERFROG!

With boundless courage and dizzy new heights of determination, he sets off towards the Magic Forest with one goal in mind - to get back his girl, vanquish the curse and give that nasty old witch just what she deserves!