Street Fighter X Tekken News


  • News Cross-Controller Compatibility Coming to Street Fighter X Tekken

    Touchy feely

    Those of you that purchase the upcoming PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken will be able to use the handheld console as a controller for the PS3 game. The enhanced compatibility will allow you to use the portable’s touch-screen as an added input for the console release. Furthermore, fans of the fighter will be...


  • News On-Disc Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Launches This Month

    Unlock code

    You’ll finally be able to stump up the cash for Street Fighter X Tekken’s controversial 100kb download key this month, unlocking the additional 12 characters already stored on the game’s retail disc. The DLC had originally been scheduled for release after the Vita version, but it looks like Capcom has buckled under the pressure of...


  • News Street Fighter Collector's Set Dragon Punches onto PS3


    Capcom may be complaining about genre cannibalism, but that’s not stopping the Japanese publisher from releasing another boxed Street Fighter product. Granted this $150 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set is not your average package. The bundle, due out on 18th September in North America, includes no fewer than 15 discs, containing —...

  • News Capcom Blames "Cannibalism" for Lagging SF X Tekken Sales

    Poisoned chalice

    Capcom has blamed genre cannibalism as the reason for Street Fighter X Tekken’s less than stellar sales. The company confirmed in a Q&A that it believes the crossover has lagged at retail due to the large number of similar titles released within a short period. The publisher itself has launched three versions of Street Fighter...


  • News Yoshinori Ono to Take a Break from Street Fighter Development

    On the mend

    Street Fighter legend Yoshinori Ono – who was worryingly rushed to hospital over the weekend – has announced on Twitter that he is taking a break from Street Fighter development. The legend said: I caused you so much worry for a while. I went back to work. [The Street Fighter] team are working wholeheartedly on patches for Street...

  • News Capcom's Yoshinori Ono Rushed to Hospital

    Get better soon

    Capcom’s jubilant Yoshinori Ono has been rushed to hospital, the Japanese publisher has announced. The company wrote in an official blog: Shortly after the Street Fighter X Tekken promotion in Asia, Ono-san’s physical condition rapidly and heavily deteriorated and he had to be taken to the hospital. Because of his hospital...

  • News Capcom Spells Out Street Fighter X Tekken's DLC Plans

    Not all cheap

    Street Fighter X Tekken fans aren’t happy. Shortly after the game’s release, hackers uncovered that much of the title’s DLC content was already included on the disc. That led to outrage, causing fans to ponder why they must pay extra to gain access to content that’s already finished. There are legitimate reasons of course. Bad...

  • News GAME Not Stocking Street Fighter X Tekken

    Shop elsewhere

    In a short statement released to MCV, Capcom has confirmed that UK retailer GAME (and its various subsidiaries) will not be stocking Street Fighter X Tekken or Asura’s Wrath. The publisher said: Unfortunately Capcom must confirm that Street Fighter x Tekken for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and Asura’s Wrath, both scheduled for...


  • News Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition Confirmed

    A real gem

    Capcom’s announced a special edition for the European release of bonkers crossover brawler Street Fighter X Tekken. The package contains a copy of the game, an awesome arcade cabinet money box, 45 in-game gem power-ups, a prequel comic and an art book. The limited edition package is available to pre-order now from the usual retailers,...

  • News Street Fighter X Tekken Line-Up Locked Down

    Final round - ready?

    Capcom's finally confirmed the full roster for crossover scrapper Street Fighter X Tekken ahead of its launch early next month. Street Fighter stalwarts M. Bison (Dictator) and Akuma join Tekken classics Jin Kazama and Aztec God of fighting Ogre for a meaty line-up of 43 playable pugilists. Street Fighter X Tekken on PS3 is...