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  • US 20th Jan 2015, $14.99
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About The Game

The origin of Splice is somewhat a mystery, shrouded in fever dreams from a particularly bad case of strep. We took our love of science, art, and experimentation, and created an experience to capture the feeling of being a scientist—working the night away, tugging at the universe, and trying to figure out how it all works. While Splice may seem daunting, don't worry! You don't need an advanced degree in thermobionuclearology* to play.

Some terminology first: each level has a single strand made up of many cells. These cells are held in a structure known as a binary tree. Binary trees are not a new concept; you've probably seen them many times. If you've ever seen a Final Four bracket or looked up your family history online, you've already used one! What makes Splice's trees unique is that they're mapped in circle, rather than linearly. It may seem confusing at first, but keep at it and the pieces will surely click together.