Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line


PlayStation 3
2K Games
Yager Development


Game Rating

User Ratings: 7

Our Review: 8/10

Spec Ops: The Line News


  • News Spec Ops: The Line Developer Dislikes the Title's Multiplayer

    Waste of money

    Spec Ops: The Line has a genuinely moving single-player campaign – but its multiplayer component is frustratingly formulaic. In fact, not even the game’s lead designer Cory Davis likes it, describing its inclusion as a “waste of money” to Polygon. He explained that the outsourced extra was a financially motivated...

  • News Spec Ops: The Line Refreshed with Co-Op Multiplayer Mode

    Phone a friend

    If the harsh realities of war are proving too much for you to face alone, you’ll soon be able to tackle them with a friend. Publisher 2K Games has announced that it’ll be launching a free update for Spec Ops: The Line later today, which adds a brand new two-player co-operative mode to the game. The complimentary mode will consist...


  • News Buddy Up with Spec Ops: The Line's Free Co-Op DLC

    Two's company

    2K Games is eschewing costly industry trends with the upcoming Spec Ops: The Line, announcing a free co-op update set to release in August. The download will implement objective based multiplayer scenarios into the tropical shooter that will help to expand upon some of the events from the single-player campaign. Four missions will be...

  • News Spec Ops: The Line Launch Trailer Takes You to Hell

    Blue skies

    If Hell looks as good as 2K Games’ upcoming Spec Ops: The Line, then we’re booking front-row seats. The oft-delayed title may be yet another third-person shooter, but it at least boasts a broader colour palette than the usual permutations of brown and grey. Mmm, just look at that Dubai skyline – it’s orange and blue. The game's...


  • News Spec Ops: The Line Demo Invades PSN Today

    Armed and ready

    Publisher 2K Games has promised to fire a Spec Ops: The Line demo onto the PS3 later today. It’ll launch as part of the PSN’s weekly update, with a European release supposedly set to follow tomorrow. The demo will allow you to sample two missions from the single-player campaign, as you search the savaged streets of Dubai in...


  • News 2K Fires New Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer Footage Online

    Sand master

    At first glance, this Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer trailer looks frightfully familiar. We’re not going to deny that the eight-player class-based competitive combat looks fun, but we’ve seen it all before. Where the game’s online component finds an identity, however, is in its implementation of sand. Like the single-player...

  • First Impressions Spec Ops: The Line

    End of the line

    Spec Ops: The Line owes a lot to the Uncharted series — and not just because Nolan North lends his voice to the game’s gruff protagonist Captain Martin Walker. The combat – which takes place from a third-person perspective – is hugely derivative of Nathan Drake’s series, as you meander between conveniently placed vehicles...

  • News Confront the Sand in New Spec Ops: The Line Trailer

    Bucket and spade

    We’ve all spent trips to the seaside playing in the sand, but Spec Ops: The Line doesn’t look quite so innocent. The Yager developed shooter sees the typically tranquil Dubai coated in more sand than the Sahara desert. It doesn't help that there's a number of shady folks hanging around either. The good news is that you play as a...


  • News Spec Ops Crosses the Finish Line on 26th June

    Done and dusted

    After an outrageously protracted development cycle, 2K Games has finally attached a release date to Spec Ops: The Line. The sandy shooter is due out on 26th June according to a new trailer released by the publisher, which we’ve handily embedded below. (Don’t say we don’t do anything for you.) 2K also confirmed pre-order bonuses...