Also Known As
Biohazard Chronicles HD
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 26th Jun 2012, $26.99
  • EU 27th Jun 2012, £21.99
Controller Support


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Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection News

  • News Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection Spooks NA PS Plus

    ICO, Rayman Origins, and more up for grabs

    PlayStation Plus subscribers are already enjoying September’s big update in Europe, but at least SCEA’s decided to pull back the curtain on its lineup a few days earlier than usual. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, premium members in the New World will be able to scare themselves silly with lightgun...

  • News Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Rises on 26th June

    Master of unlocking

    Capcom’s re-mastered light-gun compilation Resident Evil: Chronicles HD is set to shuffle onto the PSN on 26th June in North America and 27th June in Europe. The PlayStation Move powered package will cost $26.99 and £21.99 respectively. The downloadable title promises upgraded versions of former Nintendo Wii exclusives...

  • News Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Footage Moves Online

    Ella, ella

    Capcom’s reloaded fresh footage of its upcoming PlayStation Move powered compilation, Resident Evil: Chronicles HD. The upgrade bundles former Nintendo Wii exclusives Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for PS3. It adds HD visuals, trophy support and online leaderboards. The title’s set to...

  • News Capcom Reloads Two Resident Evil Chronicles for Move

    Get the Umbrella

    We were surprised when Capcom decided not to implement PlayStation Move controls in Resident Evil 4 HD, particularly considering it had worked them into Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, but the series is about to add two more games to its Move library. Capcom Japan just announced Resident Evil Chronicles HD (well, Biohazard Chronicles...

About The Game

A compilation of two Wii on-rails Resi shooters, in HD with Move support.