Release Date

PlayStation Store

  • US 1st Oct 2013, $14.99
  • EU 2nd Oct 2013, £9.99

PlayStation Plus Premium (Subscription)

  • 13th Jun 2022


  • Review Rain (PlayStation 3)

    Dry your eyes

    Rain has the same ethereal quality as ICO. Much like Fumito Ueda’s masterpiece, this is a muted experience, orchestrated only by the sound of running water and composer Yugo Kanno’s twinkly score. It’s also a tale of boy meets girl, where two kindred spirits connect under the starlight of a sodden dream world. The parallels are...

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Rain News

  • News Neat, Japan Is Getting a Limited Edition Retail Version of rain

    Please don't go away

    Did you enjoy Japan Studio's melancholy masterpiece rain, but felt that the experience was entirely too digital? Then you'll be excited to hear that the game will be getting a limited edition boxed version. The previously download-only title will also come packed with a slew of extras, including four PlayStation 3 themes and...

  • Store Update 1st October 2013 (North America)

    Overcast edition

    Prop up your umbrellas, because this week’s North American PlayStation Store update features a drizzling of new content. First and foremost is Rain, the quirky stealth adventure from Japan Studio. It’s joined by Flashback, the modern day remake of Paul Cuisset’s classic, and the awkwardly dubbed Die! Die! Die!. Are you ready...

  • GamesCom 2013 Japan Studio's Mysterious Rain Drenches PSN in October

    Pre-order the soggy exclusive for extras

    You may want to dig out your best umbrella, because Sony has confirmed that the heavens are set to open on the PlayStation Network in October. Speaking at GamesCom 2013, the platform holder confirmed that Japan Studio’s intriguing ICO-esque adventure Rain will drip onto its online shopping plaza on 1st...

  • News Lose Yourself in the Cold, Harsh Downpour of Rain

    Thunder only happens when it's raining

    Ever since we infiltrated the tanker in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, we’ve loved it when it rains in games. Be it a sudden sprinkling in Hot Shots Golf, or a torrential downpour in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, few atmospheric events can send a shiver down your spine better than a good tropical storm...

  • News Equip an Umbrella for This New Rain Trailer

    Water works

    It’s raining, it’s pouring, and Japan Studio is roaring. Seriously, after a number of years of relative irrelevance, Sony’s first-party Eastern outfit is absolutely knocking it out of the park at the moment. Hot on the heels of the brilliant Soul Sacrifice, the company’s still got Freedom Wars, Knack, and the beautiful Puppeteer...

  • News Flood Your Senses with First Rain Footage

    Journey through the water

    If you’ve ever found yourself at ease aimlessly wandering through a torrential downpour, soggy clothes tugging heavily against your skin, then chances are you’re going to find yourself entranced by this brand new footage of Japan Studio’s intriguing Rain. As detailed in previous posts, the title sees you play as a boy...

  • News Sony Pours Beautiful New Rain Artwork Online

    Wet and wonderful

    Rain’s announcement left us dripping with anticipation at GamesCom last year, but publisher Sony has failed to drench us with much additional information in the months since. However, a new page on the platform holder’s official website has at least washed up some new artwork, which looks suitably overcast in the best possible...

  • News Japan Studio's Latest Adventure Steps into the Rain

    The invisible made visible

    Few can touch Sony when it comes to artistic experiences at the moment. The platform holder is constantly breaking new ground with its experimental endeavours, and Japan Studio’s latest PSN exclusive Rain is no exception. Announced during the platform holder’s GamesCom 2012 press conference yesterday, the ambitious...

About The Game

Rain is the story of an invisible world revealed by falling rain, and the lost spirits who come alive when the clouds roll in.

This unique game casts you as a little boy who finds himself lost. He saw a little girl’s silhouette outside in the downpour, but when he went out to find her, he became invisible like her. Now, he must make his way through this world, and since players can only see the character when rain falls on him, you will have to find your way by seeing and interacting with what becomes visible as the water falls and runs down.