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PlayStation 3

  • US 13th Aug 2013
  • EU 16th Aug 2013
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Payday 2 Screenshot
Payday 2 Screenshot
Payday 2 Screenshot
Payday 2 Screenshot
Payday 2 Screenshot
Payday 2 Screenshot
Payday 2 Screenshot

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Payday 2 News

  • Who Would Win Wednesdays The GTA V Gang vs. The Payday Gang

    Round 20

    Who Would Win Wednesdays has reached its 20th round, meaning that it's now possible to look all the way back to the very first instalment of this weekly feature and think to yourself, "I was there when it all began." Something to tell the kids about, eh? In any case, our last fight between the Patapon Army and the Third Colossus

  • News UK Sales Charts: Payday 2 Initiates a Holdup at the Top Spot

    Grand Theft Auto IV returns

    It looks like the UK market couldn’t get enough heist action last week. In addition to Starbreeze’s robbery simulator Payday 2 shooting straight to the summit of the sales charts, Grand Theft Auto IV also put in an impressive reappearance on the back of the recent Grand Theft Auto Online reveal. It’s a testament to...

  • News Payday 2 Will Bleed Your Wallet Dry This Summer

    Downloadable shooter planning the perfect heist

    Bloodcurdling masks and carefully staged crime sprees will make a comeback this summer, as Overkill Software applies the finishing touches to Payday 2. The sequel to 2011’s likeable co-op heist simulator, Payday: The Heist, was formally announced earlier today, and promises some noteworthy...

About The Game

Co-op crime sequel.