Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 2nd Oct 2012, $9.99
  • EU 3rd Oct 2012, £6.49


  • Review NiGHTS into Dreams (PlayStation 3)

    Love the NiGHT life

    While SEGA’s offerings in recent years have been a varied assortment of peaks and valleys, there was a time when there was no disputing their quality. During the Saturn era Sonic Team put out several innovative games that defied genre conventions and immediately captured the hearts of the SEGA faithful. NiGHTS into Dreams has...

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NiGHTS into Dreams Screenshot
NiGHTS into Dreams Screenshot
NiGHTS into Dreams Screenshot
NiGHTS into Dreams Screenshot
NiGHTS into Dreams Screenshot

NiGHTS into Dreams News

  • Store Update 2nd October 2012 (North America)

    Day dreamin'

    It’s another bumper week on the North American PlayStation Store. New arrivals include Resident Evil 6, NBA 2K13, Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS into Dreams. Our ex-editor James Newton is probably screaming with delight as we type. Other additions include

  • News SEGA Confirms October Release Date for NiGHTS HD

    Sonic Adventure 2 also along for the ride

    The season of superb SEGA remakes will not end with the excellent Jet Set Radio HD. The publisher has confirmed that it will release both NiGHTS into Dreams HD and Sonic Adventure 2 HD on 2nd October in North America. Those of you in Europe will face a breathless 24-hour wait for the titles to sprint...

  • News NiGHTS and Sonic Adventure 2 Go HD in October

    Sweet dreams

    SEGA classics NiGHTS into Dreams and Sonic Adventure 2 are escaping the confines of standard definition and jumping onto PlayStation Network in fabulous HD next month. Under the SEGA Heritage label, the duo will be revitalised alongside Jet Set Radio, which is skating its way onto the PlayStation Store in September. We don't hav

  • News NiGHTS into Dreams Makes PSN Dreams Come True

    At last!

    In a move that made at least one Push Square staff member a little too excited, SEGA has announced it's to re-release legendary SEGA Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams on PSN later this year. The download will come with enhanced HD graphics, 16:9 widescreen support, leaderboards and Trophies, or you can relive the original 32-bit experience in...

About The Game

The seminal SEGA Saturn classic reborn!