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PlayStation 3

  • US 1st Nov 2011
  • EU 11th Nov 2011
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  • Review MotionSports Adrenaline (PlayStation 3)

    Better with Kinect?

    It was bound to happen sooner or later; games designed for Kinect would eventually be ported over to PlayStation Move. MotionSports Adrenaline is exactly this: an extreme sports compilation that’s obviously initially designed for Kinect and has received a port over to PS3 with Move support for multisystem release. But does a...

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MotionSports Adrenaline Screenshot
MotionSports Adrenaline Screenshot
MotionSports Adrenaline Screenshot
MotionSports Adrenaline Screenshot
MotionSports Adrenaline Screenshot

MotionSports Adrenaline News

About The Game

Make a name for yourself in the world of extreme sports!

Try your hand at multiple crazy extreme sports and pose as a superstar phenomenon by challenging your friends in exciting competitions.

Motionsports Adrenaline will allow you, your friends and family to take part in extreme activities you would never dream of attempting in real life. From the peaks of the Himalayas to the waterfalls of the Amazon, this is the chance to release your inner daredevil. So one question remains: Will you take the challenge?

Key Features
Feel the Exhilaration
o Gain fame and notoriety by mastering 8 extreme and dangerous sports:

  • Wingsuit
  • Mountainbike
  • Rock climbing
  • Kayak
  • Kitesurf
  • Parkour
  • Extreme Ski
  • Extreme Trampoline
    o Travel the world and discover 8 awesome and unique locations increasingly perilous, influenced by the real world, which fully utilize the power of the Xbox 360 and PS3
    o High-energy licensed soundtrack

Multiplayer at the Heart
o Party Mode keeps up to 4 players involved by delivering a wealth of challenges, like races, relays and trick trails
o Use collectable items to affect your opponents, for example use water bombs to slow and disorient them
o Choose to compete against or co-operate with your friends and family.

You against the World (Online)
o Online features delivered seamlessly and by default during gameplay
o The courses are populated by recorded performances of your online friends
o Automatically take on and set online challenges with your friends as you participate in each event

Intuitive Motion Control
o Intuitive control is just what you’d expect from sports like these, but with an extra layer of fun attached which requires uninhibited motion and distinct gestures from the player.