Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever


PlayStation 3
3D Realms


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Duke Nukem Forever News


  • News Duke Nukem Movie in the Works, Possibly Starring John Cena

    Hail to the king, baby

    In a casting call that's kind of perfect, the wrestler cum actor John Cena is currently in talks with Paramount to take on the titular role in an upcoming Duke Nukem movie. Better yet, Michael Bay will be involved; his studio Platinum Dunes is set to produce the film. No director or writer has been attached to the project at...


  • Who Would Win Wednesdays Duke Nukem vs. Johnny Gat

    Round 16

    This week's Who Would Win Wednesdays is yet another testosterone fuelled crossover, but realistically, it's hard to deviate from this formula when just about every personality in gaming marches around with a gun and swears at people. Nevertheless, we must soldier on after last week's clash saw a surprising turn of events. We would have bet...