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  • US 20th Aug 2013, $9.99

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  • 13th Jun 2022
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Divekick News

  • News Divekick: Addition Edition May Just Have the Best Subtitle Ever

    It's all in the mind

    Divekick may have been available on the PlayStation 3 for some time now, but developer Iron Galaxy’s tongue is still firmly stuck in its cheek. The studio has released an update for the sudden death brawler today, and in a swipe at Game of the Year re-releases, it’s cleverly dubbed it Divekick: Addition Edition. Good work,...

  • News So, Sony's Still Not Done with That Whole Indie Thing

    More savings than you can shake a Move controller at

    As the sun sets on one PlayStation Network promotion, the moon is rising on another. Just a week after the conclusion of the PlayStation Play initiative, the platform holder has announced PS Vita Summer Select – a month long celebration of delicious indie gaming goodness. Best of all, it means...

  • News Divekick Outwits PS3 and Vita on 20th August in North America

    Flying through the air

    Iron Galaxy’s fascinating indie brawler Divekick – which augments you with just two attack options – is set to launch on 20th August in North America for $9.99. The PlayStation 3 and Vita release will be fully cross-buy compatible, meaning that you’ll only need to purchase the title once to enjoy it across both...

  • News Divekick Targets PlayStation 3 and Vita This Summer

    Like a bird

    Divekick is inspired by those tense fighting game encounters where you’re too nervous to make a move. With one hit leading to an instant knock-out, the PlayStation 3 and Vita title sees you using two buttons to, well, dive and kick your opponent. It sounds basic, but the high tension gameplay promises an addictive experience. “The...

About The Game

Simple brawler for PS3 and Vita.