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PlayStation 3

  • US 25th Oct 2011
  • EU 28th Oct 2011

PlayStation Plus Premium (Subscription)

  • 13th Jun 2022
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    When you wish upon a star

    The team at Eurocom has done a fine job crafting a surprisingly engaging objective-based adventure with Disney Universe, lifting several ideas from the LEGO games of recent years while mixing in a smattering of fresh concepts and a hearty four-player option Developer Eurocom will always have a special place in the hearts of...

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Disney Universe Screenshot

About The Game

Disney Universe is an off-the-wall non-stop action adventure where Disney worlds and characters mix up for the first time.

Suit up in iconic costumes and face challenges in legendary Disney worlds. Defeat enemies, collect coins and powerups, unlock new costumes and explore with friends as you battle in a mix-up of worlds inspired by numerous Disney and Pixar films.

Once you’re ready for action, face challenges in 6 different legendary Disney worlds. Each world is based on one of the most popular Disney movies of all time including The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc, Alice in Wonderland, Wall-E and more.

Team-up with friends to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and collect gold coins or compete against each other to get the highest score and be crowned the winner.
Suit-up for action as more than 40 classic and contemporary Disney characters including Alice, Mike, TRON and Stitch.
Mischief, Madness and Mayhem reign as players explore 6 different worlds inspired by Disney and Pixar films.
Team up with up to four friends to solve puzzles and defeat enemies or compete to get the highest score