Dead or Alive 5

Dead or Alive 5


PlayStation 3
Tecmo Koei
Team Ninja


Game Rating

User Ratings: 30

Our Review: 6/10

Dead or Alive 5 News




  • News Share Your Skills with Dead or Alive 5 Video Upload Patch

    Put on a show

    Budding kings of the ring will soon be able to evidence their ability in the arena with video footage. A forthcoming patch for Dead or Alive 5 will allow you to upload your match replays to both YouTube and Facebook, though there is currently no date for the upgrade. Other improvements include the option to filter online matches by...


  • Store Update 28th November 2012 (Europe)

    Bubble pop

    Nothing in this week’s European PlayStation Store update is going to grab your attention like a Hyuna music video, but there are still a handful of goodies to keep your eye on. Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force, Travel Bug, and Dead or Alive 5 appear to be the most notable new additions. Shut down that YouTube tab, and we’ll get started.


  • News Dead or Alive 5 Will Be Available Digitally At Launch

    Easy access

    Not every title suits a digital release, but fighting games certainly benefit from the added accessibility of being stored on a hard drive. As such, it makes perfect sense that Dead or Alive 5 will be available from the PlayStation Store alongside its retail counterpart. You’ll be able to download the title from 25th September in North...


  • News Dead or Alive 5's Facebook Integration Seems Misjudged

    Share something

    Tecmo Koei wants your friends and family to know that you enjoy watching unrealistically beautiful women kicking the crap out of each other. Its upcoming PS3 brawler Dead or Alive 5 will include full Facebook integration that will allow you to share fighting records with your friends. Naturally, we’re a little bit anxious about...

  • News Team Ninja Wants Ryo Hazuki in Dead or Alive 5

    "I see"

    When Ryo Hazuki is not searching for sailors, playing Lucky Hit, or ignoring the advances of countless beautiful women – he’s fighting. And Dead or Alive 5 director Yosuke Hayashi reckons that would make him a perfect fit for the upcoming arcade brawler. Asked by VG247 if he had any dream cameos in mind, Hayashi responded: “I’d say...


  • News So Much for Dead or Alive 5 Not Being Creepy

    Bikinis, anyone?

    We feel stupid for buying into Yosuke Hayashi’s lip-service about elevating Dead or Alive 5’s image now. The Team Ninja executive claimed earlier in the year that the studio was hoping to tame the brawler’s juvenile “sex and violence” tone – and we actually believed him. But this brand new trailer – which shows Zack...

  • News Hori's Dead or Alive 5 Arcade Stick Pushes Our Buttons

    Too hot to handle

    This Hori built Dead or Alive 5 arcade stick is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it includes all of the buttons you’ll need to become a pro at Tecmo Koei’s upcoming PS3 brawler. Secondly, it bears the slogan “I’m a fighter” – which should come in extremely handy when you forget why you’re holding it in the...


  • News Team Ninja Introduces Dead or Alive 5's Latest Combatant

    A right rigmarole

    If you’re working on an oil rig, then it’s probably best to settle your disputes without setting fire to the fragile platform you're residing on. Still, that’s exactly what happens in this Dead or Alive 5 trailer, as newcomer Rig and returning favourite Bass Armstrong brawl over, er, motorbikes. The footage is melodramatic...

  • News Team Ninja Rules Out Dead or Alive 5 Character DLC

    What you see is what you get

    Team Ninja has ruled out the possibility of new characters being added to Dead or Alive 5 post-release. Studio head Yosuke Hayashi explained that he believes the practice causes issues with the game’s balance – a feature which is essential to any fighter. Chatting with, Hayashi said: Even with over...


  • News Latest Dead or Alive 5 Trailer Clowns Around

    Jest a minute

    Team Ninja is clearly going all out with Dead or Alive 5. If you thought the game’s previous stages were a little bit bonkers, wait until you see its latest reveal. It shows series regulars Lei Fang and Zack kitted out in circus clothes and at the centre of a carnival performance. As the fight goes on, massive tigers start running...


  • News Dead or Alive 5 Trailer Shows You Where Not to Have a Fight


    Of all the places to engage in one-on-one combat, the middle of a warzone rates amongst the worse. This Dead or Alive 5 trailer proves as much by showcasing the potential hazards. You might get targeted by an errant RPG for example, or come close to getting hit by a crash-landing helicopter. The message is clear folks: if you’ve...


  • News More Virtua Fighter Combatants Destined for Dead or Alive 5

    Crossover chaos

    Why wait for the character roster to be announced for your favourite fighting game, when you can hack the demo and discover it for yourself? That’s exactly the mindset one NeoGAF poster adopted, having hacked the source code of a recent Dead or Alive 5 demo in order to make a series of interesting discoveries. It turns out, as...

  • News Hitomi and Ayane Duke it Out in Dead or Alive 5 Trailer

    Girl on girl

    We’re going to avoid the temptation to fill this story with smutty remarks, largely because Dead or Alive 5 is looking pretty good. Most noticeably, the characters no longer resemble porcelain dolls, but we also think the cinematic style that developer Team Ninja’s gunning for has actually given the game a unique look. This trailer...

  • News Dead or Alive 5 Could Feature More Virtua Fighter Characters

    Shun Di, please

    If you’re really keen to play Virtua Fighter without, y’know, actually playing Virtua Fighter, then it looks like Dead or Alive 5 is going to have your curious demands covered. Not content with adding Virtua Fighter’s Akira Yuki to the roster, Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi has hinted that more characters from SEGA’s well...

  • News Virtua Fighter's Akira to Appear in Dead or Alive 5


    It would appear publishers can’t release a fighting game without a cameo of some kind. Dead or Alive 5 is the latest tile to jump on the crossover bandwagon, with Virtua Fighter mascot Akira Yuki set to join the roster. Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi said: Gamers will have an opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable battle with an esteemed...