Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls


PlayStation 3
Sony Computer Entertainment
Quantic Dream


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User Ratings: 120

Our Review: 8/10

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  • News Beyond: Two Souls Leads an Extraordinary Life Over One Million Times

    Once more with feeling

    The critical reception may have been more mixed than a bag of sweets, but it seems that Beyond: Two Souls has fared much better in the retail arena. Quantic Dream co-founder Guillaume de Fondaumière has revealed that the interactive drama sold over one million copies in 2013, with 70,088 units stemming from its native France...


  • Game of the Month October 2013 - Beyond: Two Souls

    Here's your award, David

    November is finally here, the month in which Sony's next generation console is set to be unleashed in North America and Europe. The anticipation is becoming almost unbearable, but PlayStation's promising future hasn't stopped us from glancing back into its past to decide upon which of October's releases deserves our coveted...


  • News Slide to Aiden in Beyond: Two Souls' Smartphone Companion App

    Beyond the controller

    Sony made Beyond Touch available on iOS and Android devices in September, a companion app allowing owners of Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls to control all of the game's action using their smartphones. This application was previously announced during GamesCom 2013 in August. As you can see in the image to your right,...

  • Rumour Sony Wants the 'Net to Put Jodie Holmes' Clothes Back On

    Think of the children

    Considering director David Cage’s penchant for the odd shower scene, it was always inevitable that someone figured out how to strip Beyond: Two Souls protagonist Jodie Holmes down to her birthday suit. While the recent release's customary cleaning sequence is tastefully handled in the main campaign, one debug-owning video...

  • Weirdness Someone's Already Removed Jodie Holmes' Virtual Clothes

    Keeping it clean this end

    It was only a matter time before Ellen Page got dressed down to her digital birthday suit. In customary David Cage fashion, the Beyond: Two Souls star strips off for a shower at one point during the campaign – and one eager Reddit user has already managed to tamper with the title’s code in order to expose the actress’...

  • Out Now Beyond: Two Souls Explores the Other Side on PS3

    Cage and Page

    Ignore both Gran Turismo 6 and Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, and Beyond: Two Souls may just be the last major first-party exclusive that you buy for your PlayStation 3. We’ve certainly come a long way since launch title Resistance: Fall of Man, with Sony’s black behemoth now playing host to stunning digital r

  • Live Walk the Red Carpet with the Cast of Beyond: Two Souls


    Glitzy premieres are typically the domain of celebrities and dudes dressed in tuxedos, but we’ve got permission to give you a front-row seat to today’s Beyond: Two Souls event in Paris. Taking place at the Rex Cinema in the capital, the show will begin with a 30 minute screening of gameplay footage, followed by a panel with...



  • News Ellen Page Examines a Beautiful Drama in Beyond: Two Souls Trailer

    Once more with feeling

    There’s something quite unsettling about this Beyond: Two Souls trailer. We’re not quite sure if it’s the haunting background music or the fact that star Ellen Page constantly sounds like she’s on the verge of tears, but it’s all rather emotional. Then again, we suspect that that directive came directly from, er,...

  • GamesCom 2013 You Can Play Beyond: Two Souls with a Touchscreen

    You can recruit a partner, too

    You can absolutely play Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond: Two Souls with a controller, but the game will support touchscreen inputs, too. Available through a free iOS and Android app, the download will allow you to slide your finger across the screen to move protagonist Jodie Holmes and her spiritual companion Aiden...


  • News Beyond: Two Souls Looks Great, But How Do You Actually Play It?

    Lingering questions

    “Is it just an interactive movie?” is probably the most common question attached to Beyond: Two Souls. The upcoming Ellen Page-‘em-up certainly looks the part, but do you actually play it? In a brand new behind-the-scenes trailer, Parisian developer Quantic Dream has delved into a topic that it doesn’t usually explore:...

  • News David Cage Details the Death That Shaped Beyond: Two Souls

    Quiet contemplation

    Every blockbuster demands a documentary video series, and Sony has kickstarted Beyond: Two Souls’ behind the scenes promotional campaign with this clip starring divisive director David Cage. In it, the luminary reveals that the inspiration behind the title was triggered by a death in his family. “I was confronted with a loss...






  • News David Cage Dubs Beyond's Engine Switch "Totally Absurd"

    Where there's no sense, there's no feeling

    Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream has officially gone mad. Chatting with Shack News, head honcho David Cage has admitted that creating a new engine for the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls was probably not the company’s best idea – but it went ahead and did it anyway. “Does it make sense from a company...


  • News Sony Debunks Beyond: Two Souls Release Date Rumours

    Indigo prophecy

    Sony has squashed rumours suggesting that Quantic Dream's upcoming PlayStation 3 adventure Beyond: Two Souls is set to release on 25th May in North America. The date was touted when a page updated with the information, but the platform holder has since admitted that the details were added as a mistake. “We have not...


  • News David Cage: I Wish I Could Say Nothing About Beyond

    Keeping secrets

    Quantic Dream's eccentric head honcho David Cage is keen to keep Beyond: Two Souls spoilers under wraps – to the point where he’d rather not talk about the game at all. Speaking with the PlayStation Blog in an interview published earlier today, the likeable director explained: “Like other game creators, I wish I could say...


  • News Beyond's Visual Presentation Will Blow Your Mind

    Good grief

    Quantic Dream’s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Beyond will probably be remembered as the best looking game of the generation. This brand new gameplay footage may not be direct-feed, but the quality of the visual presentation shines through. There’s a scene where protagonist Jodie Holmes looks directly into the camera, and the detail...

  • News Beyond's Script Is 2,000 Pages Long

    How many words is that?

    We thought our University dissertation – which clocked in at just under 200 pages for all four of you curious – was a whopping hunk of content, but it turns out that David Cage is the master of racking up a word count. The ambitious writer has revealed during a GamesCom panel that upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond’s script...


  • News David Cage Aims to Surprise Gamers with Beyond

    Talking in riddles

    Quantic Dream’s David Cage hopes to challenge our minds with the upcoming PS3 exclusive, Beyond. Chatting with EDGE Magazine, the outspoken developer explained that he is not interested in giving players “fun”, but instead hopes to offer “meaning”. Clearly, he’s got his philosophical hat on again. "My goal is to...

  • News Relive Beyond's San Diego Comic-Con Panel

    Play beyond

    If you’re not lucky enough to be at Comic-Con this weekend, Sony has smuggled a little bit of the experience online for you. Embedded below are the highlights from Quantic Dream’s Beyond panel, which includes input from cast members Kadeem Hardison and, of course, Ellen Page. In addition to discussing their roles, the duo also touch...

  • News Delve Behind the Scenes of Quantic Dream's Beyond

    "Can we do that again?"

    If you’re eager to know a little bit more about the process of creating a game like Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond, then this behind the scenes video should give you a deeper understanding of how things work. It looks like a vast majority of the time is spent perfectly attaching tiny silver balls to each actor’s face,...

  • News No, Willem Dafoe Is Not Starring in Beyond

    Chinese whispers

    Despite rumours to the contrary, Hollywood heavyweight Willem Dafoe will not star in Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond. Cornered by Joystiq after a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con overnight, director David Cage denied the actor’s involvement with a swift shake of the head. One person who is definitely linked with the project,


  • Rumour Willem Dafoe to Co-Star in Quantic Dream's Beyond

    Two souls

    It seems like Ellen Page won’t be the only high-profile Hollywood superstar to appear in Quantic Dream’s upcoming PS3 exclusive, Beyond. Speculation from GamesIndustry International suggests that Boondock Saints actor Willem Dafoe has signed up to co-star in the ambitious adventure game. If true, it won't be Dafoe's first foray into...

  • News Take Another Look At Quantic Dream's Beyond

    Heavy rain

    Quantic Dream seems to have a thing about torrential rain. If you don’t believe us, check out this brand new footage of the French studio’s upcoming PS3 exclusive, Beyond. In it, protagonist Jodie Holmes is shown running across the roof of a speeding train. The most important thing: it’s pouring down again. The game looks...