Awesomenauts (PS3)


PlayStation 3
Ronimo Games
Ronimo Games


Game Rating

User Ratings: 9

Our Review: 7/10


Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 1st May 2012, $9.99
  • EU 2nd May 2012, £7.99

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Awesomenauts Screenshot
Awesomenauts Screenshot
Awesomenauts Screenshot
Awesomenauts Screenshot
Awesomenauts Screenshot


  • Review Awesomenauts (PlayStation 3)

    Awesome or naut?

    It's the year 3587, and two robot armies are in a galactic struggle for power. It’s up to the elite group of combatants known as the Awesomenauts to determine the fate of this cosmic clash. Gameplay in Awesomenauts revolves around a series of three-on-three battles as each team attempts to break through the enemy's defences and...

About The Game

The year is 3578, conflict spans the stars.

Huge robot armies are locked in an enduring stalemate. At the centre is a team of elite mercenaries fighting for the spoils of war: The Awesomenauts.

Pitting teams of three against one another, Awesomenauts will thrust players into the shoes of genetically re-engineered cowboys, alien frog-rappers, crazed Russian labmonkeys, and many more unique characters. Battling out an eternal struggle in a team-oriented, objective-focused manner, Awesomenauts promises players countless hours of gameplay that will be sure to satisfy hardcore gamers and more casual-oriented players alike.

Gameplay features:

  • For the first time in console history, Awesomenauts will bring the popular MOBA genre to the 2D plane with rich, detailed environments.
  • High-paced action with up to 3 players locally, or 6 players online
  • Advanced matchmaking options, which allows users to queue up for online matches without forcing them to wait in a matchmaking lobby – join online match straight from an offline game.
  • Starting with six unique characters, each with their own set of skills and upgrades that allow players to customize their characters in ways to fit the current battle and their personal playing style. New characters will be released over time.
  • Online drop-in/drop-out functionality that allows players to jump right into the action, without the need to catch up to the levels of the other players.
  • Unlock over 100 unique items and customize your Awesomenaut to your fitting.
  • Battle across multiple exotic planets and alien spaceships.