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1 (Single Player)
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PlayStation Store

  • US 23rd Nov 2010, $9.99
  • EU 9th Jan 2013, £6.49
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  • Review Auditorium HD (PlayStation 3)

    Challenge the mind and please the senses

    What started as a PC Flash game years back has now been translated into a full HD experience in the form of Auditorium HD. A captivating music puzzle game with fantastic auditory and visual style, the PC original has already won awards for its unique style, and arrives on PlayStation 3 with exclusive content...

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Auditorium HD Screenshot
Auditorium HD Screenshot
Auditorium HD Screenshot
Auditorium HD Screenshot

Auditorium HD News

  • Store Update 9th January 2013 (Europe)

    Lights and sound

    Auditorium HD finally makes its debut on the European PlayStation Store this week. The bizarre sensory experience originally launched in North America over two years ago, but now it’s finally available overseas. Other notable additions are few and far between, though you should keep an eye on SCEE’s New Year sale if you're in...

  • Interviews Zoo Games - Auditorium HD

    Find out more on this audiovisual sensation

    The unique-looking Auditorium HD is just a few short days away from its release on the North American PlayStation Store, so we drummed up some questions on this musical medley and fired them over to senior producer Alvin Muolic from Zoo Games. Movemodo: Can you please describe Auditorium HD to gamers who...

  • News Auditorium HD Makes Beautiful Music from Next Tuesday

    Unique title gets Moving

    PlayStation Network title Auditorium is a unique combination of puzzle, music and stripped-down aesthetics, and it's coming to the PlayStation Store in North America on November 23rd. Originally available as an award-winning Flash game, the PSN download has been packed with extra content and rechristened Auditorium HD. As...

  • News Auditorium Coming to PlayStation Network with Moving Results

    Musical puzzle game to support controller

    Fans of Flash gaming may already be familiar with Auditorium, a soothing blend of music and puzzles that sees you diverting beams of music into an equaliser (yes, really). The game itself is getting a PlayStation Network launch next month, and publisher ZooGames has confirmed it'll support PlayStation Move...

About The Game

Auditorium is about the process of discovery and play.

A captivating game of discovery and play, Auditorium takes players on a visual and audio journey as they manipulate a constant stream of moving light and sound particles and guide their flow into Audio Containers to create harmony and unleash an orchestrated symphony.

Auditorium delivers a facinating sensory experience in HD. with the highest level of composition and quality in HD, Auditorium seamlessly mixes audio and graphics with creative gameplay. With challenging new levels and a symphony of new music, Auditorium sets the bar for stunning visual effects, even bringing them to 3D on PSN.

There are no right or wrong answers; there are many ways to solve every puzzle. To get started, turn up your sound and fill up the first audio container! We hope you enjoy playing in our Auditorium!