Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 21st Feb 2012
  • EU 9th Mar 2012
  • JP 22nd Feb 2012

PlayStation Plus Premium (Subscription)

  • 13th Jun 2022


  • Review Asura's Wrath (PlayStation 3)

    Asura, watch

    His wife murdered, his daughter stolen, cast down from the heavens — Asura has a right to be more than a little wound up. Developer CyberConnect2 really grinds this demigod’s gears in its game-come-interactive movie, adequately providing impetus for his titular rage at every turn. Told over 12,500 years, Asura’s Wrath shows off...

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Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot
Asura's Wrath Screenshot

Asura's Wrath News

  • Feature Should Games Find Inspiration in Television?

    Suitable for broadcast

    The video game industry has been infatuated with cinema for years. The obsession stretches back to the late 1980s, if not earlier. Titles like Prince of Persia scattered cinematic setpieces throughout: leaps of faith into nothingness, climactic battles upon crumbling bridges. There was delight when SEGA's Mega CD allowed the...

  • News Capcom Outlines DLC Schedule for Asura's Wrath

    Lots of content

    After yesterday’s brilliantly bonkers DLC trailer, we can't blame you for anticipating Capcom’s upcoming content expansions for Asura’s Wrath. Thankfully you won’t have to wait long, as the title's first downloadable episode has already released on the PlayStation Store for $1.99. But developer Cyber Connect 2’s not...

  • News Asura’s Wrath DLC Trailer is Appropriately Bonkers

    Now fight your rival

    Asura’s Wrath is more crackers than a packet of Jacob’s savoury biscuits. As such, it’s hard to imagine the DLC could take things much further. But based on the evidence of this trailer – which teases the inclusion of Street Fighter legend Ryu – developer CyberConnect 2’s found a way. Revel in the madness below.

  • News Developer Expected Mixed Reception for Asura's Wrath

    No surprise

    Asura’s Wrath is not a conventional game. In all honesty, it’s not really a game at all. It’s an experience – an utterly ridiculous one, but an experience all the same. It’s unsurprising, then, that the president of developer Cyber Connect 2, Hiroshi Matsuyama, expected the game to be met with mixed reactions. He told Joystiq:...

  • News GAME Not Stocking Street Fighter X Tekken

    Shop elsewhere

    In a short statement released to MCV, Capcom has confirmed that UK retailer GAME (and its various subsidiaries) will not be stocking Street Fighter X Tekken or Asura’s Wrath. The publisher said: Unfortunately Capcom must confirm that Street Fighter x Tekken for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and Asura’s Wrath, both scheduled for...

  • News Ryu Dragon Punches His Way into Asura's Wrath


    Capcom’s going crossover crazy at the moment. Not content with combining the universes of Street Fighter and Tekken, it’s also announced a nifty little DLC pack for Asura’s Wrath that adds karate king, Ryu, to the fold. While the Japanese publisher’s being coy about specific details, a single screenshot shows Asura facing off...

  • News Capcom Pushes Asura's Wrath Back

    Avoids Binary Domain, faces Mass Effect 3

    Capcom's curiously delayed the UK release of Asura's Wrath. The melodramatic actioner was previously due out on 24th February here in the UK. It’ll now go up against Mass Effect 3 on the 9th March. No reason was given for the delay, but we can’t imagine it has anything to do with strategic alignment...

About The Game

Once a revered deity, Asura was betrayed by his fellow gods and stripped of all his powers.

Consumed by anger at the injustice he has suffered and swearing vengeance, Asura discovers he can use this fury to his advantage and turn it against his enemies. Cue relentless action as Asura finds himself facing off against numerous unique enemies, including planetary sized bosses, unleashing devastating and visceral attacks.
Asura’s Wrath loses the traditional distinction between gameplay and cutscenes through seamless player controlled narrative. Simply put, even in cinematic sequences the player can control Asura, directly affecting the gameplay, making Asura’s Wrath a truly unique experience.


New type of action game – Asura’s Wrath will seamlessly blend action and narrative and will adopt an episodic nature, more akin to a TV drama series.

Relentless action – Asura’s Wrath keeps placing gamers in tight situations and says ‘now get out of that’.

What the…? – Unique enemies and planetary sized bosses will continually challenge players’ expectations.

Innovative setting and story – Fusing Asian mythology with sci-fi , Asura’s Wrath’s universe will be truly unique.

Collaboration with CyberConnect2 – Continues Capcom’s strategy of partnering with the best developers to produce titles to complement its own internal projects.