Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 11th May 2010
  • EU 14th May 2010
  • JP 5th Nov 2009


  • Review 3D Dot Game Heroes (PlayStation 3)

    A wink to the past

    As the age-old tale of a youngster who defeated the evil Dark King Onyx slips into legend, tourist numbers begin to drop in the quaint land of the Dotnia Kingdom. The economy needs a boost, and the King of the land has an idea that'll bring people flocking to the once bustling greens of Dotnia. The once sprite-based landscape will...

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3D Dot Game Heroes Screenshot
3D Dot Game Heroes Screenshot
3D Dot Game Heroes Screenshot
3D Dot Game Heroes Screenshot
3D Dot Game Heroes Screenshot
3D Dot Game Heroes Screenshot

3D Dot Game Heroes News

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    East meets West

    To introduce you to the team we've put together here at Push Square, we asked each team member for two PS3 games they considered absolutely essential. Here, Joe Walker from our US review team tackles quirky blocks and irrepressible spirits. 3D Dot Game Heroes: 3D Dot Game Heroes is an “homage” to the original

About The Game

From the makers of the award‐winning Demon’s Souls comes the ultimate retro gaming experience: 3D Dot Game Heroes.

An homage to the all time classic action/adventure and RPGs, 3DDGH delivers incredibly satisfying old school gameplay, beautiful visuals, and endless inside jokes, winks, and nudges for people who grew up in the golden age of gaming!

Ultimate Retro Love Letter: Seamlessly fusing new and old, the golden era of gaming is felt in every detail of this lovingly-crafted adventure. Eye-popping visuals capture the nostalgic charm of pixel graphics in cutting edge 3D. Simple, but deep action-adventure gameplay is a throwback to the 8-bit era. Veterans will find references and jokes that pay homage to the great games of yore.

Awe and Adventure Live Again: Embark on the next generation of classic exploration and discovery in a grand story-based quest. A hero sets out to gain the power of the six sages and the six orbs that protected the kingdom of Dotnia, which now stands on the verge of destruction.

Customise your Hero: When pixels are your building blocks, the possibilities are unlimited. Freely edit the look of your character, or design one completely from scratch, and then trade designs with friends via a compatible USB storage device. Your hero's blade is also upgradeable, letting you add length and width to create a sword that fills the whole screen!