Also Known As
Tombi! (EU title)
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 1st Jul 1998
  • EU 1st Aug 1998
  • JP 25th Dec 1997

PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Store)

  • US 19th Jun 2012, $9.99
  • EU 3rd Oct 2012, £6.99
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Tomba! Screenshot
Tomba! Screenshot
Tomba! Screenshot
Tomba! Screenshot
Tomba! Screenshot
Tomba! Screenshot
Tomba! Screenshot
Tomba! Screenshot

About The Game

Developed by Whoopee Camp and released in 1998, Tomba! follows a bushy, pink-haired caveboy who finds his grandfather’s precious bracelet stolen by seven evil swine, known as the Koma Pigs.

Tomba must transverse the newly mutated islands around him and collect Evil Pig Bags, which allow him to enter each realm of each Evil Pig. He’ll be meeting with zany characters such as Charles, the funky hip monkey and the 100-Year Old Wise Man, who assigns Tomba numerous arduous quests upon his adventure. In the end, Tomba will be going through plenty of missions and side-quests to bring him closer to his goal of getting his grandfather’s bracelet back.

Tomba! employs a unique mission system that rewards Adventure Points (AP) for progressing in levels and obtaining key story or power-up items. Completing different missions give you AP points, which can also be used to open AP boxes which contain rations and items for improving your inventory health. Tomba! promises hours of innovative gameplay around every corner!