Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot


Sony Computer Entertainment
Naughty Dog


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User Ratings: 16

Our Review: 8/10

Crash Bandicoot News


  • Feature Is Crash Bandicoot Coming to PS4? 10 Reasons to Believe He Is


    By our reckoning, the three year Crash Bandicoot conversation is about to come to a conclusion, and this saga can end one of two ways: the iconic PSone protagonist has been broken out of his Activision penitentiary – or, well, he hasn't. Whichever side of the 90s baditude camp you currently reside, there's no question that the...

  • News Swiss Retailer Lists Crash Bandicoot for PS4

    But it proves nothing

    An early E3 2016 leak or a retailer responding to rumours? This could be a case of both, in all honesty. While there's real reason to believe that something is going on with the Crash Bandicoot brand, the fact that Swiss retailer Alcom has listed a new entry for the PlayStation 4 is not evidence of anything at all – the...



  • Who Would Win Wednesdays PSone Anniversary Special

    The fight that time forgot

    Just when you thought that Who Would Win Wednesdays was done and dusted, we've brought it back to help celebrate the PSone's 20th anniversary. Sony's first console was home to many a mascot, but picking today's combatants was fairly easy. It's a match-up that we've always wanted to see, and a rivalry that broke hearts by...



  • News Crash Bandicoot Spins Past 500,000 Downloads in Europe

    Naughty Gods

    Releasing old games like Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation Network makes more sense than peanut butter and jelly, as evidenced by the fact that the PSone Classic has now surpassed 500,000 downloads in Europe. Sony confirmed the tidbit as part of its monthly digital sales charts, where the Naughty Dog hit held onto its place atop the...