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I have been playing Fire Emblem Awakening and seem to have sort of unintentionally soft locked myself. I tried to keep a healthy rotation on my units, but naturally some units are just more useful and better than others, so I had a core squad of MVPs and then a backup squad all on the cusp of promotion but not quite there yet.

I am at a point in the campaign where their difficulty design is two things, split your units into small packs and then wear them down with seemingly unlimited reinforcements, to create a slow attrition drain walk to the boss. My MVP squad just isn't deep enough to survive the push to the boss in the campaign any more though.

I figured I just needed then to get my backup squad the next couple of levels they needed to be promotable and then expand the roster, let them soak up some hits while the MVP squad continue their push, but the AI is programmed to ignore all common sense or logic, and just always beeline for your weakest unit. They'll literally run past like ten of your units just to kill the one right at the back and its like... wtf are you meant to do? How tf am I supposed to keep underlevelled units upright long enough to get any XP?

I can't turn the difficulty down any lower so I think I'm just stuck.

Unicorn Overlord solved this problem, cause you could use strong units to farm a material that just gave flat packets of XP to any unit you wanted, so you could just keep applying those to your weakest units until they're strong enough.

Here though, I dunno what to do. You can pair the weaker units with a stronger one, but if the stronger unit is killing everything, the weaker unit doesn't get XP on a participation basis, so they have to actively be involved somehow. You can pair a stronger unit to a weaker one to bump their stats, but it just increases their chance of getting absolutely dogpiled.

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Today I’ve decided to pick up and play bowser’s fury. I’d say it’s plenty fun so far.

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