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The year was 1995, a new compilation of classic games called Namco Museum Vol. 1 was released for the PlayStation... 25 years later, it still remains nostalgia fuel... Some of Namco's finest works including Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Pole Position, Xevious, Pac-Mania and Mappy, among others... I personally grew up with some of these games and I currently own the entire original series of games for the PlayStation, Namco Museum Volumes 1-5 as PlayStation Classics on the PS3...

Which of the original five games is/was your favorite???

Namco Museum Vol. 1 N (US 1995)

1980 Pac-Man
1980 Rally-X
1981 New Rally-X
1981 Galaga
1981 Bosconian
1982 Pole Position
1986 Toy Pop

Namco Museum Vol. 2 A (US 1996)

1982 Super Pac-Man
1983 Xevious
1983 Mappy
1984 Gaplus
1984 Grobda
1985 Dragon Buster

Namco Museum Vol. 3 M (US 1996)

1979 Galaxian
1981 Ms. Pac-Man
1982 Dig Dug
1983 Phozon
1983 Pole Position II
1984 The Tower of Druaga

Namco Museum Vol. 4 C (US 1997)

1984 Pac-Land
1986 The Return of Ishtar
1986 Genpei Tōma Den (The Genji and the Heike Clans)
1988 Ordyne
1988 Assault
1988 Assault Plus

Namco Museum Vol. 5 O (US 1997)

1985 Metro-Cross
1985 Baraduke
1987 Dragon Spirit
1987 Pac-Mania
1988 Valkyrie no Densetsu (The Legend of Valkyrie)


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@CPLANAS1985 tough call.

My favourites are;

Rally X
Dig Dug
Pole Position 2
Pac Mania

Interesting bit of info. In Baraduke the character is actually a woman (which you don't initially know) in a space suit. Baraduke released before Metroid

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I don't have the games yet, but i like NAMCO Museum games on NDS and PSP.
The PSP version have 3D Remake games.



@Anti-Matter whats super eurobeat lol. all i know is eurodance and trance. the rest are just over the top silly names sorry :/



Super Eurobeat song is a song that you listen from racing games such as Initial D, Midnite Tune, etc.
It is a fusion of Italiano with Hi NRG and Euro synthesizer.
Some Eurobeat song examples such as Beat the Rising Sun by Dave Dodger, Mickey Mouse March by Domino, De Javu by Dave Rodgers, etc.
Super Eurobeat songs have ever got their game that called Para Para Paradise by Konami (Arcade and PS2).
I am a huge fan of Super Eurobeat song.
The song is energetic, sounds happy and silly at the same time.

Cyber Trance is Trance music with sounds like Futuristic theme. Some examples such as Psyche Planet V by Sota Fujimori, Destination by Sota Fujimori, Technoid by Sota Fujimori too.

Hardcore Techno is a complex Hardcore song with some synthesizer and usually run on very high BPM such as MAX 300 by Omega, Anti-Matter (Yes, my username based on DDR X2 song) by Orbit1 & Milo, Delta MAX by DM Ashura.

Bubblegum is a silly version of Eurodance.
Basically the song itself is an Eurodance with silly lyrics such as Butterfly by Smile. dk, Dub-I-Dub by Me & My, Barbie Girl by AQUA, Witch doctor by CARTOON, Best Friend by Toy Box, etc.

How did i like such those song genre?
I am a huge fan of Konami Rhythm games from Dance Dance Revolution, Para Para Paradise, Gitadora, Pop'n Music, beatmania IIDX, Mambo A Gogo, etc.


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