Topic: October is here! Which horror games will you be playing?

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Ralizah wrote:

The PSP/PS4 re-release was redubbed and retranslated, I believe, but some people still really like the hammy quality of the original's dialogue.

Given the campy gothic visuals, I think I'd probably be one of those people. It kinda fits!

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Yay so the spoopy month of October is once again upon us so its time to be scared witless by janky indie games, survival horror classics or those hiding in the cupboard/under the bed etc. games that I don't much enjoy.

So, anyone got any special plans to complete any Horror games this month? Let us know on this now undead thread...

Personally I went a bit early this year and have recently completed Horror Tales: The Wine and Infliction: Extended Cut - both firmly in the janky indie game category. I'm currently playing through Dread Nautical and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on PS4 (through I would describe both of these as more horror adjacent titles).

I am hoping to get around to starting and finishing Signalis (PS4) and RE Village (PS5) amongst other stuff.

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Good necro bump.
Gonna play Call of Cthulhu , Dead nation, Calllisto Protocol and perhaps The Quarry. I might play some Resident evil 2, I bought this quite a few years ago earned one trophy and shelved it. The PS5 version has been launched in the meantime.
Perhaps some Walking dead onslaught, Doom 3 Vr, or paranormal activity...something in VR now that the cooler months are here.

Of course I won't be able to fit even half of that lot in.
Happy Halloween everyone.



I absolutely love this time of the year as I really enjoy playing horror games. I'm not sure how many I'll play this time as October is a very busy month for gaming. If I do find the time, I'd want to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Silent Hill and Resident Evil: Revelations. And if I feel like it, I might even get Alan Wake 2 at launch.



Planning on playing Resident Evil Remake, Until Dawn and Pumpkin Jack this Spooktoberfest.

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If I've finished with Far Cry 6, I will be jumping in to The Callisto Protocol as it is one of this months PS Plus Essential games.

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Maybe not quite the 'crap your pants spooky' type of game like a few others mentioned but a friend of mine just picked up Back 4 Blood and he's been hounding me to play through it with him, so I might redownload that and get stuck into that again. I haven't played it since I beat the game on Nightmare difficulty (they've since added No Hope difficulty, which... yeah, no.) so it'll be quite nice to jump back in and slay some Ridden again.

I'm also tempted to play through the Little Nightmares games again, so maybe I'll do that closer to the end of the month.

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Gonna be playing through my very first horror game around the end of Halloween with the original Dead Space! Heard a ton of fantastic things about it and have been on a major sci-fi/cosmic horror kick ever since I played through Metroid Fusion for the first time earlier this year so I'm extremely excited to finally try it out come the end of the month! πŸ©ΈπŸ§ŸπŸ‘½πŸ§ŸπŸ©Έ

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Iam not sure if Iam the only one who count the Batman games as horror? Ohter then that I also love games such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil and more recently Evil Within. All which I think are amazing.

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I'm playing through the Amnesia collection now for the PXGC, hoping to play through Amnesia Rebirth afterward as well!

That's if my pants stay clean throughout

See ya!


@oliverp I mean, the encounters with the Manbat in Arkham Knight were pretty scary..



I'm on 'Signalis" at the moment and then I'm moving on to "Soma" followed by "The Quarry" if I get the time.



Depending on the price of the game and wether or not my iPhone 15 Pro Max arrives by the 31st, I might be playing Resident Evil Village!

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Pumpkin Jack



I picked up Dead Space 2 for my PS3 being as I'd never played it, even though I thoroughly enjoyed the first outing, so I'll be giving that a go this Halloween.

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