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Just thought I'd give people a bit of a heads up that the Vita port of this game isn't too stable. I posted on their website about the issues (as have many others), but thought it might be an idea to let the other two people with Vitas on this site know

It seems from my tests that if you would earn a trophy in the game that you already have (either through playing it on the PS4 or already earning it on the Vita) the game will crash. This usually happens when you sleep, so you lose a day's play as well as being unable to advance until it is fixed. For example, in my case I found that hitting level 10 in fishing causes it to crash because I've already hit level 10 in farming and that trophy is gone. Also starting a new game doesn't help as it crashes as soon as you get to the trophy for earning 15K money as you'll already have it.

While they are aware of people having issues , there is currently no eta on a fix other than we should get some more info next week. So it might be worth holding off buying this if you haven't yet and it certainly shouldn't be taken with you as the game you plan to play on a journey. Outside the above issue, it does crash occasionally for unknown reasons, has frame rate issue and sporadic ~second long freezes while playing. Not sure how this got through the beta testing period in this state tbh



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