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The PSTV is still available at Amazon and according to a few sources they have more than 10,000 units still available. If true there will likely be a very massive liquidation of their stock of PSTV's in the near future given that the micro console was discontinued quite a while back. I'll keep you guys updated, but for now the PSTV is selling for $59.99 at Amazon.

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@ReanSchwarzer7 Not going to lie, I admire your dedication to the PSTV!
I really should use it more, outside of downloading games for my Vita.
Think I'm going to pack it the next time I go on holiday.

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Ive got one in my collection. It could be one of the last offline consoles!

Great little purchase.

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I have one too but I need to use it more. I have it in the spare room but since I got the Switch I use it less and less. I might actually take it with me next time I stay away for work.

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I had one, but I sold it since none of the games appealed to me. I used it more to remote play PS4 games but since getting the Switch I didn't have any use nor room for it so that was that.

It wasn't a bad system just very niche is all.

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