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@Mr_B021 That sounds like a plan, my brain’s fried and I feel like it needs a reset button 😂

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Anybody interested in reviving gameclub and delve into some of the lesser known gems of PlayStation plus/extra?


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I didn't realise there was a game club on here tbh really enjoy the one on purexbox



I did run this for a couple of years but there were just less people taking part each month to be honest. It was hard to really drum up interest after a while.

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Plumbing’s just Lego innit. Water Lego.

Trans rights are human rights.


Ok @QualityGeezer @Mr_B021 excellent 👍

This is the most recent tag list I can see on the thread:
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Who here would like to see a revival?

I’m guessing you don’t have the appetite for it now @nessisonett? Understandable really 👍


I probs won't have time for playing games but I don't mind organising it like I do the PX club if that was amenable to people here, including Ness. I'd probably start a new thread so I can have control of the thread title etc.

I have a template in place that I can pretty much just copy over. Also with ps plus extra now available, seems like there would be a shared pool of games that people would have to choose from.

Up to you, offers there if you want me


Can I join in please?

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I have really enjoyed participating in the past and the club has helped expose me to new games I’d otherwise not play. And experiencing a game simultaneously with my PS buddies adds to the joy.

As I’ve remarked elsewhere, I’m a bit short on time, compared to prior years, but it’s ever-changing and unpredictable as to when playtime opens up. In the event that a game pops up that piques my interest and my schedule is conducive, I’d very much like to participate. Although I suspect most months I’ll likely be either preoccupied or swamped with other life commitments.

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@ralphdibny Nice one Ralph, I was actually thinking about taking over the reins if that is agreeable since it'll give me a wee distraction, with a little help from yourself of course. Saves putting more on your plate, what do you reckon? Starting a new thread is probably the way forward.

@Pizzamorg Of course mate, the more the merrier. Just need to hash out the details 👍


I rarely ever participated, but I'd be all for a revival. It's more about wanting to play some of the bigger games that come out right away and then my large backlog as well, but maybe the stars would align at some point and the game of the month would be something I'd want to play at the time.

I'm surprised it dies off here as there's a lot more of a pool of people here than over at Pure Xbox, but that has been going on pretty well for a while now.

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@AgentCooper Thanks for the tag about this. I won't be able to promise my participation, but if the stars align and I happen to be considering a game that's coming up in the rotation, I'll try my best to join in. I'll also contribute to the chat if it's something I've played before.

Best of luck reviving this, and hope you all enjoy whatever you play together!

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