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Hey @sony @playstation here's an idea that would make an instant classic, it would be a Microsoft 3d movie maker "like" game for game consoles like PS5 Xbox series s/x, but with the unreal engine 5.

With about 350 different built in actors/characters, A vast variety of vehicle models (including thousands of cars, trucks, heavy duty vehicles bikes, ambulances, which are fully interactive with the environment), and thousand of props, and ability to customize or create characters (take wwe 2k22s CAW suit as a benchmark for the character/actor creation, with thousands of customizable clothing, attire, hair, and customizable body type/ built of the created characters

Thousands of built in locations with thousands of different built in scenes based on different cities, like downtown Chicago, Paris,London, Washington,Dublin, New York, Las Vegas, Miami,Mexico City, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Milan, Sydney, or beaches in Los Angeles,Mali, The Caribbean or some Mansions in Bel-Air or Beverly Hills, Ancient Palaces Wall Street, tons of landmarks from around the globe, The Mexican border rain forests, The Flavelas of Brazil, Gran canyons, suburban areas, farms, waterfalls, caves, and natural landmarks, oceans, seas, boats, planes, space, spaceships, & other planets etc, with many different camera angles. A

Also the ability to design scenes and locations, and upload them along with the created characters, images and props to community creations for others to download.

With optional downloadable packages that people could pay for like more scenes, actors, props, special car models special motion or actions that the actors and props can perform.

It could have built in lines, from voice actors, and the option to record lines dialogue, and sound effects in movies. Props and vehicle models, etc would have their built in sound effects. And also community creations where the community can view each other's films or contribute to the same project.

It would be a world where you can decide the number of extras (like if the scene is taking place in a busy city there would have an option to have busy heavy traffic with 100s of extras walking up and down the street), weather, day time, and could create explosions, special effects etc disasters.

The environment and buildings would be completely interactive so doors can be open or knocked down, or a window can be broken, a character can throughstuff through a window. Buildings can catch a fire and burn,or even explode or collapse water can out the fire,e

I think this would be a big hit, It would definitely revolutionize video gaming/content creating for social media. I have more insight on the project just contact me if anyone wants to dialogue about it .

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