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Hey up,

Is anybody going to EGX this year? The venue has moved to London which is a bit of a pain in the giblets, since it means a longer drive but I am thinking about going the Thurs and Fri afternoons maybe. Wondered if anyone was going and if not, I could pretend to be a PushSquare correspondent. I can write real good and I like me some computer games.

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I’m well lazy, I should go. I went to the excel centre a lot for various reasons many years ago, for some reason I don’t want to drag myself back there lol. I dunno, I just don’t like it round there.

If I did go, it’d be a weekend. Not something I’d bother booking time off for!

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I have been going for the past few years when it was at Birmingham as it was only an hours drive. Now it is in London, I will not be attending again. I went to the last one at Earl's Court and it was a pita. Never again.

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@kyleforrester87 Yeah I understand. As I travel for work, it's easier for me to go in the week since I get to pretend to my wife it is just another work trip (kidding).

@ZeD I know - I had family in Birmingham so free accomodation. Am going to see what it is like this year and see if that impacts future years. It was just so handy at the NEC!

@antdickens Do you guys need an Assistant - coffee's, holding clipboards, giving all round compliments? Basically anything for a free T-shirt. I got two last year for completely breaking the Metro Exodus build.

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Going to the Excel Centre for career fairs way back when was always a hoot and a half.

Shame EGX moved as Birmingham was extremely convenient, but my family live in East Sussex so London is pretty easy to get to.



i was at it a few times when it was in earl's court... but not NEC, because.. well, birmingham. can't make it this year, and there aren't any games in particular that interest me. maybe next year when they'll have the opportunity to play on PS5s before it launches. i'd definitely recommend trying for all day thurs and/or fri if you can.. the crowds are brutal on saturday/sunday.



@get2sammyb Oh, I mean every other sentence. Or I can build up over a conversation into a really huge compliment. By the way, that article on the Underwear PS4 game was sublime sir.

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@Rudy_Manchego not for me this year Rudy. I'm going to Legoland when it's on.

Hopefully it can come back to Birmingham some time soon.

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@kyleforrester87 Punch them in the face?

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You uhh... Got something to say about Birmingham @leucocyte ? (Is a Brummy)

Psssshhh London's too far! I should've paid more attention to gaming expo's and stuff before... I woulda happily gone if it was at the NEC! Coulda seen my old house and all that

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If it stays in London, I could (hopefully) be stable enough to attend next year's event.

Hope everybody has a good time if you do meet up!

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@themcnoisy Pssst - how dare you prioritise family over gaming events.

@kyleforrester87 Whatever you big softie - there will be hugs, and tears and possibly too much personal contact.

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