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Im thinking about getting a PS5 later in 2021 in time for Horizon Forbidden West.

Games that have PS4 Pro enhancements, will those enhancements work on the PS5?

Will the PS5 have the ability to DVR footage like the PS4 does? preferably in 1080p? (720p is just too muddy for me)

Ive never owned a PS4 Pro just the base PS4. Id like to see what Horizon Zero Dawn looks like being played on a PS5.



If games utilise PS4 Pro enhancements I'm pretty sure they carry over to when they're being played on PS5

Some games like God of War and Ghost of Tsushima among other titles also got patched to boast PS5 specific enhancements when playing them natively on the console like increased framerate and resolution scaling, but to my knowledge any PS4 game barring maybe a few exceptions, will take advantage of most of the PS5's key features at the hardware level when played on that console, which means they'll probably be more stable performance wise and they'll also make use of the SSD for better load times, etc. If a game isn't patched to boast PS5-specific improvements, then it'll probably run as it did on PS4 Pro with enhancements for that console if they are present, but with more stable performance and lesser load times like in the case of titles like Knack 2 and FFXV

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