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I never normally bother pre ordering stuff but I really felt like I should do for the PS5.

I ordered twice as an insurance policy. One from Amazon and one from GAME. Long story short, both pre orders have been accepted. I was wondering if anybody had any experience of pre ordering from GAME and how reliable they are? I have ended up with a disc version from Amazon and a digital version from Game.

Obviously I only need one so I was trying to decide which one to keep? I trust Amazon but I don’t know what GAME’s rep is for coming through with the goods?

Thanks in advance for any advice?



I pre-ordered with Game back when the PS2 came out. Got confirmation of the pre-order, very happy.
Went in on release day, picked up a couple of games and a second controller and waited in the queue to pay. Got there and was told I couldn't have one unless I presented a printout of the email that said I could pick one up that day. Had no idea what hey were talking about. Felt like a right idiot. Turns out just pre-ordering wasn't enough, had to wait for them to tell me to come in.

PS5 is coming from Amazon.



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