Topic: Do PS5 upgrades of PS4 games actually look or play any better?

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I've been downloading a few of the free upgraded versions of my PS4 Games and i honestly can't tell the difference. The framerates and graphics don't look any better to me. I've got Jedi fallen order and Resident Evil 2 and i don't know if it's been worth upgrading.

Also say you already started a game file on your non upgraded version and you download the upgrade. Will you still retain your save spot from the non upgraded version or is it like starting a new game?



In theory, it is worth the upgrade.

PS5 games should naturally look and play better than PS4 versions. Increased graphics resolutions should mean that they look better, and the increased frame rates also mean that PS5 games should be smoother and more responsive.

As for the saved game data - I cannot answer that question. It is possible that it depends on which game it is. The PS5 Hogwarts Legacy might let you use the PS4 save, for example - but the PS5 Last of Us may not.

Honestly, when I picked up my PS5, I traded in my PS4 at the same time. So I have never had them side-by-side.


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Your PS4 save file will convert over if there's a PS5 upgrade. You just have to re-download the PS4 version on your PS5 if it's not already in the PS+ save cloud before loading the PS5 version. It'll prompt you on your save file being transferred over when you load the PS5 version and then you'll have the choice of continuing your save or starting new. A few games even allow trophy sync like Ghost of Tsushima, I already platinumed it on PS4 so when I booted the save file again on the PS5 Director's Cut, got an instant platinum.

Depends on your TV/Monitor display. Mine can display 4K and handle 60-120 frames, so I noticed the change immediately with Final Fantasy XV for example. It closely resembling the PC version with the 60 frames and boost in the graphics. Same experience with other games that I've no need to use my PS4 other than watching movies in the other room.

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@Truegamer79 How much of a jump in visual quality that you get will depend on the game. I’ve heard Fallen Order had a pretty lackluster PS5 patch, as I recall, and in some ways made the game worse and more buggy. I’m not sure if they ever fixed that. And some PS4 games look so good that it will be hard to tell the difference. I’ve not tried RE2 on PS5, but the PS4 version looks outstanding in its own right, so it may not have benefitted much. Another example was FF7 Remake which was really great graphically on PS4 already, so it wasn’t a huge leap onto the PS5 version.

Nevertheless, if the game has an actual PS5 patch then you’ll probably be able to notice some level of improvement the vast majority of the time. Either in visual fidelity or in performance. Load times should be quite a bit better as well.

I’ve only played a few games on both systems and PS5 made a clear improvement when I did. I played the first half of A Plague Tale: Innocence on PS4, then the patch came out and I did the last half on PS5 and it was a large improvement. One of the most striking examples is Control — I absolutely adored the PS5 version (still one of my favorite PS5 experiences) and I had heard the PS4 version was fraught with performance issues.

Even if the game doesn’t have a PS5 patch, you’ll still see a boost often with at least stabilization of frame rate, and shortening of load times. The main example I experienced there is Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I played half of ME1 on PS4 and the other half on PS5 and it was so much quicker to load and it ran at a much higher frame rate where even my eyes could tell the difference, and I’m not particularly sensitive to FR usually. And to my knowledge there’s not a dedicated PS5 upgrade for the game and it’s running the native PS4 game, but it’s able to do so with enhanced frame rate.

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When I downloaded the PS5 version of Fallout 4, i got a notification that I could use my PS4 save data. When I loaded up the game, there was an option to transfer it over. In my experience this is usually the norm when playing a PS5 version of a PS4 game you have previously paid. I also have PS+, so have access to cloud saves. I did transfer everything over from my PS4 to my PS5 when I got it too.

Played Jedi Fallen Order last year on my old 4K TV, and I played the PS4 version for a bit before trying the PS5 version. The difference was night and day for me, with it feeling a lot smoother and less muddy textures etc on PS5.

There was one game I was playing on my PS5 and when I played it on PS4, after an hour it made me feel really queasy and had to stop playing. I believe it had not recieved a PS5 patch. I'm not someone who can't play games at a lower frame rate either, as I've played some games in 'Graphics' mode perfectly fine.

If you had a PS4 Pro this things won't have so much of an impact. Things like a slighty more stable frame rate (ie 40 fps instead of 60fps) and no checkerboarding to hit 4K for some games.

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Some people are really sensitive to it. I find the difference negligible


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