Topic: The Last "true" Souls Game?

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Was it Bloodborne? Or was it Dark Souls Remastered? Dark Souls 3? Sekiro? Or do you think Elden Ring will outshine them all? Not to mention the upcoming Demon's Souls Remake. And why do you think your choice is the last true Souls game?

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How could it possibly be Bloodborne? Dark Souls 3 came out after..

I don't think we know enough about Elden Ring to say what that is yet, but obviously the Demon's Souls remake is a "true" Souls game, even if it's not directly made by From Software.

Sekiro certainly alters the formula somewhat from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but even then it's very, very Souls-like.

Even Mortal Shell is thematically as close to a Souls game as you can get without it officially being one.



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