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Hi There,

My eldest son has a PS4 with an associated PSN account. His little brother uses the the same PS4 but does not have a PSN account and instead he just has a local account on the PS4. The younger son has his own games which are installed on the same PS4 (these are physical discs) but I assume they are associated with my eldest son's PSN account?

The younger son is getting a PS4 for Christmas and I want to transfer his games over to him - is this possible? When he gets his new PS4 we will sign him up with his own PSN account of course.



@broonster As long as they are physical discs all you would have to do is insert them into his PS4. However save data will be tied to the PS4 meaning he will have to start over on his PS4 with his games.

But yeah Physical games he will not have any problem playing on his. Just if he has any digital games those are tied to the PSN account.

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Thanks for that @tasuki.

It wasn't until after I posted the question that I realized there would no such thing as pre-owned games if they were linked to PSN account.



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