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So it's almost over, the end of a generation. So now would be a great time to discuss how the PS4 has battled in the pantheon of awesome consoles.

I will start by saying I joined Pushsquare as soon as I bought my PS4 and what an amazing website! Contributing massively to my enjoyment of this generation so thanks to @get2sammyb @ShogunRok @Quintumply @Simon_Fitzgerald @antdickens @LiamCroft and all the staff for the world class coverage.

I have then had the chance to game with some amazing people on these here forums. Such as @Jaz007 @AdamNovice @JohnnyShoulder @Wesker @Ryall @Kidfried @LieutenantFatman @BAMozzy @Feena @WanderingBullet @Gremio108 @KALofKRYPTON @RogerRoger @kyleforrester87 @Kyroki @triplegk @xX_RiscazZ_Xx @Bad-MuthAdebisi @Johnnycide @Tasuki

Then the banter in the forums with Pushsquare heroes like @Ralizah @Thrillho @Th3solution @KratosMD @nessisonett @star-lord @FullbringIchigo @crimsontadpoles @JoeBlogs @carlos82 @belmont @andreoni79 @Rudy_Manchego @DonJorginho @Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy @Arugula @leucocyte @QualityGeezer @Anti-Matter @mookysam @Matroska @RR529 @naruball @Octane @ApostateMage @ellsworth004 @ZeD @zimbogamer @Cideco @Dodoo @kiki3400 @redd214 @Ristar24 @supergurr @Salt_AU @TalentedAtGames @Splat @scullurio @banacheck @Ristar24 @rastamadeus @Krozath62 @NomNom @Clay_Davies83 @T7L3RB @AyeHaley @Boostahead @nathansf @redd214 @Fight_Teza_Fight @hulkie @BearsEatBeets @Griffin @TheDude89 @hi_drnick @TheArt @MaccaMUFC @Draco_V_Ecliptic @LN78 @Genrou @R1spam @TrueAssassin86x @TrolleyProblems @phil_j @KidBoruto @MightyDemon82 @PSVR_lover @Grindagger @Ralphdibny @Matroska

So the topic is about the PS4 and where it rates as a console. What are your opinions and what are the positives and negatives of both the PS4 and the generation in general. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion!

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Thanks @themcnoisy it’s been a great generation and a pleasure to have had all your company through it!

PS3 set the bar high but for my money the PS4 has bettered it. I mean the only real negative I have is the battery in the DS4 but really that’s picking hairs.

Anyway I’m looking forward to talking more PlayStation **** with you all with the PS5!

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@themcnoisy ooh now that's a tough one, certainly for the first few years I wouldn't have rated the PS4 that highly as it seemed like just a slightly prettier version of last generation. Whilst that's still true to some extent when the likes of Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn and Resident Evil 7 hit around 2017 it gained a momentum that has never really stopped. Games like Death Stranding gave us new ways to tackle open worlds, we had fabulous remakes such as Resident Evil 2 and the multiplayer madness of Rocket League and of course PSVR with wondrous games such as Astro Bot and Tetris Effect. There have been negatives this generation with the rise of the live service model and some of its mechanics infecting games such as Assassin's Creed, speaking of Ubisoft I wish they'd realise they can make their games completely different from one another.

Overall though there are far too many games to talk about from AAA games to the indies and everything inbetween and some of my favourite games are from this generation. I think with PSVR it just about pushes it to the top of the Playstation consoles for me (just above PS1) as that has plenty of just good old fashioned gaming fun to go along with the more serious stuff we get now

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I humbly appreciate the shoutout.

Forums and the comment sections under articles are the best place for people to voice their opinions on things and discuss their differences. When there is a balanced medium, and a healthy dose of maturity between two peoples difference in viewpoints, it's always a pleasure to try to take away some of what they said and look at it objectively, even if you don't agree with, it helps you understand people as a whole better. Dialogue is the spice of life, so never let anyone stifle your opinions, or stop you from saying what you really feel, just always try to return the same favour when listening to others.

Above was a digression, so apologies for that, moving on to the question in hand. What are my thoughts on the PS4 overall for the generation.

Well, statistically, it's a resounding success, right up there with the likes of PS2 once the PS4 lifecycle completely retires (which is still several years off I would imagine).

In terms of hardware, UI and performance I feel there was a lot of work to do, whilst I think in terms of game diversity, selection and quality of titles is second to none, the front end UI, store and general navigation for the PS4 is horrendous, and just doesn't stack up when compared to the likes of Xbox (its only resounding positive when compared imho).

Hopefully these things will be rectified with the PS5, if so, we could be looking at the best console of all time as we move into the next generation.

Only time will tell...



@themcnoisy thanks for the shout out! The push square community has been great and with me at least, any disagreements have been respectful. Im not sure exactly when I joined here but I know I got linked over from NintendoLife a few years back and I spend a lot more time both reading and joining in on these forums than NL and I wouldn't do that if you lot weren't a welcome bunch so thanks!

I got my PS4 more or less when mgsV came out I guess, I have the mgsV edition console. I tend to wait for a good deal on consoles or when a game I really want to play comes out and then buy the picks from before that time at a reduced rate. At that time I was more inclined to buy games that were part of franchises I played as a kid and this happens to be the generation where the industry as a whole has realised the power of nostalgia so I've had the chance to experience stuff like MGSV, DOOM, Mortal Kombat (and by extension Injustice), Crash Bandicoot remakes including what is probably my favourite game of the generation Crash team racing nitro fueled. I'd never spent so much time on a console game before that (around 6 months) which is crazy.

I got PS plus originally for the social aspect of it to play with a friend on GTA online which isn't normally my cup of tea but it was a good way to keep in touch. The same happened for CTR, I was able to keep in touch with another friend who lived in another country with regular game sessions on that.

That being said, I discovered some brilliant games from the monthly games, namely Infamous second son which then led me to buy infamous first light. Both games were brilliant and I 100%ed them and have now bought the first two Infamous games on PS3 (though they remain in my backlog).

Back to my "picks" from before I bought the ps4 and some from after, the main games that I still haven't got around to playing include stuff like The order 1886, horizon zero dawn, the last guardian and resident evil 7. Doesn't sound like a lot but I have a back log that spans at least 3 consoles per generation (including handhelds) all the way back to the Wii (I think I've played all the GameCube games I own but I probably wouldn't mind playing die hard vendetta again to the end!)

Special shout to Uncharted, 1&2 were a pair of my favourite games on the PS3, I waited to play 3 on a 3d TV but never got around to it and played through all 6 of the games (the last 4 games for the first time) during lock down on ps4.

On that note as well, I think the best games Ive bought digitally were the Tomb Raider games of which I've played the first 2 and I suspect I'll get around to the third one in the next couple of months!

I should give a shout out to some indie games I discovered because of plus, stuff like Torquel, king oddball and The Bridge (I think? The MC Escher style game) are games I'd never have played unless they were handed to me as part of a sub but they were brilliant. On the other hand I've played some duds like AC freedom cry which bored my socks off and (thankfully due to the amount of games) turned me off trying to play the AC series as a whole.

Things I feel I've missed this generation include a new splinter cell game though that might be for the best unless they get Michael Ironside back. Also a decent Tony hawk's game but that may well change in September!

I was debating whether to add this bit because it is rather personal but one game in particular helped me kick a ten year drug habit, Star wars battlefront. I needed to replace my habit with something less addictive but equally as monotonous so I decided on that game because of its star wars theme (I don't normally play online shooters). It definitely helped me take my mind off it for a couple of months and was easy to put down when it had served its purpose. Now I have a truckload more cash flow to buy other games I enjoy! (Well not since lockdown, but in the few years leading up to now lol)

Anyway it's mostly positive, I think a slow start when I was apprehensive to try new games but I was in full swing after a year or two of owning a PS4. I could break down every single game I've played and am yet to play but if you haven't TL,DR'd me by now then you probably would have if I had done that!

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@themcnoisy Reminds me I still have to check out your Dreams stuff..! One day, my friend, one day...



Overall, for me it has been the best generation since PS1.

Stand outs are:

Alien: Isolation
Nier Automata
Hyper Light Drifter
Tower Fall
Divinity Original Sin
Drive Club
Axiom Verge
Diablo 3

PS5 has its work cut out!

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@themcnoisy thanks for the mention, bud! Now, let's have a look-see. I'll compare it to the console that I always called my favourite: the SNES.

The box

  • Specs: I think the PS4 has a really balanced spec set, especially for its price. I think it's telling that even after 7 years, we are still amazed by how games look on the console, and how well they run. That's certainly different from the end of the last two generations, where the PlayStation was really having a hard time keeping up with modern games.

Result: PlayStation 1 - 0 SNES (PS4 wins)

  • The build: We have to mention the fan here. I have never had a console that I had to maintain so often as this one, because it was being so themcnoisy. In april this year I could not hear God of War dialogue, because the fan was louder, and that's coming from someone who has quite a punchy sound bar. It's a big problem for the console, with many people experiencing it, and it has quite regularly had an impact on my enjoyment. Aside from that I have experienced not a lot of hardware failures of stuff like corrupted data.

Result: PlayStation 1 - 1 SNES (SNES wins)

  • The controller: It is one of the best controllers ever made. Low battery life? Sure, but I have a dock, so I never experienced any problems with it. But that d-pad beats any controller ever made. The face buttons (XO, etc.) are still so good after many years of play. Compare that to the Switch Pro controller, which I only have half a year, and already the A button has lost its click a bit. Also, I can't recall a button ever on a controller that felt so satisying to push as the L1/R1 button - they honestly don't get enough love. And the analogue sticks? Put a cap on it, and they'll last you a lifetime, in contrast to almost any other analogue I ever had. I can easily name a downside though, this controller is way too small, and therefore after many hours of play less comfortable than the Xbox controller for instance. Hopefully the DualSense fixes that.

Result: PlayStation 1 - 1 SNES (tie)

The games

  • Diversity: I think this has been one of the most diverse generations, game-wise. And Sony did a lot to make that happen. Sony made super linear games like The Last Guardian, very open-world games like Death Stranding. We have seen the biggest of blockbusters (The Last Of Us Part 2), and also the smalles arcade games (Resogun). Just compare Detroit to Bloodborne, or Everybody's Gone to the Rapture to Driveclub. And also a great combination of revisiting older games (Ratchet & Clank, Tetris Effect, Shadow of the Colossus), but also creating new series (Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone). And lastly, don't forget how they created great stuff together with first parties too, like Nioh and No Man's Sky.

Result: PlayStation 2 - 1 SNES (PS4 wins)

  • So many games: There are just so many games on the system. I don't know when I'll ever be done playing all of my favorites. I don't think we've ever had that on a system before. It's so different from for instance the Switch, which is also a great console, but where there's a lot of waiting until the next big thing, is involved.

Result: PlayStation 3 - 1 SNES (PS4 wins)

  • Driving the industry forward: Of course there were games like Dreams, Death Stranding, Nier, Return of the Obra Dinn, The Witness, Kentucky Route Zero, and Metal Gear Solid V, that felt like very forward thinking games. Whether or not these games will continue to impact the industry remains to be seen of course. Then there's of course games like Horizon and God of war, which maybe were very traditional games, but had interesting ideas (the way combat works in the former, and the one-take direction in the latter) that felt really refreshing. Of course many of these games weren't PS4 exclusives really, but most people experienced them on this console, so that has to count for something. I think PS4 did better in this department than many give it credit for.

Result: PlayStation 3 - 2 SNES (SNES wins)

  • GOAT games: did PS4 give us the all-time classics? Some of them really are, although there were a lot of games that just didn't reach that status. However, I think MGS5 and Bloodborne are up there, and maybe God of War too? I will have to admit that I still have to play a lot of games that others have described as instant-classics, like Persona 5, The Last of Us Part 2 and Death Stranding.

Result: PlayStation 3 - 3 SNES (SNES wins)

  • Having Chrono Trigger: I think that was a SNES game unfortunately. I also think Super Mario RPG, Super Mario World and EarthBound are SNES games as well.

Result: PlayStation 3 - 4 SNES

Well, the result is that the SNES is still my personal favorite. I think the PS4 had a lot of great games, and a lot of diversity, so I think this console will be the 'best console ever' for many, many people. And for me, it's close too. if I would only count the amount of hours I played on this system. And there was of course a lot of strange loot boxes stuff this gen, as well as so many safe sequels, but I think Sony did a great job of continuing to bring interesting games to the system, in many ways, for many gamers.

If only it had just a few more really big hits, the console's own Ocarina of Time-moment so to speak, that would have really elevated it. But still, this has been one of the best gens ever, the games speak for themselves, no doubt about it.



I'm a PS2 guy through and through, I've got so many great memories of that console, it'll always have a special place in my heart.

Even so, I have to admit the PS4 has probably been the best yet. Maybe I've just got better at avoiding the rubbish, but I've never played so many great games on one console. I've also tried to get out of my comfort zone a bit too and tackle some toughies which I would have shied away from in the past, such as the Soulsbornes and the Niohs of this world.

Also, the PS4 was the point where my kids got into it, so we've had some fun times with family-oriented games as well. Lego City Undercover, Knack II, and now Fall Guys - games I simply wouldn't have tried if it wasn't for the kids.

Yep, I've convinced myself, best console yet.

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Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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PS4 has been great for me. I picked mine up in early 2017, having been more on the Nintendo side of the force before then. Getting a PS4 meant that there were a lot of new experiences for me to try. I didn't have a PS3 or Xbox 360, so getting a PS4 meant that I got to experience more of the bigger AA and AAA games that I'd been missing out on.

The biggest positive for me is that the PS4 has a large library of games. The variety of games is also impressive. It's got the standard shooters like COD and Battlefield, wonderful open world games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Witcher 3, platformers such as Crash and Spyro, and weird Japanese games such as Danganronpa and Catherine.

There's still plenty of excellent games that I haven't played yet, either burrowed away in my backlog or on my wishlist tempting me whenever there's a sale. Then there's upcoming games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Crash Bandicoot: It's About Time. PS4 games could keep me amused for a long time yet.


People will always have a favourite era where almost everything released was amazing and/or transformative - whether that was the real birth of 3D gaming, the memories of playing with friends online in a certain game/franchise, being blown away by the quality of stories etc so its not so easy to be objective about the PS4 - although I will try.

First off, the hardware. Its no secret that the hardware was a compromise. It went big on pushing graphics (GPU and RAM) but really compromised on CPU. At that time of course, we were coming out of the global recession and analysts predicted the death of consoles so may have influenced both Sony and MS to make consoles that 'looked' visually better but maybe without the CPU grunt to be a really 'transformative' generation. By that, I mean that games on the whole didn't really bring a leap up in gaming as much as a leap up in visuals over the previous gen. Not to say that devs were not 'creative' and created 'new' IP's and crafted great experiences within this, great worlds to explore, great characters and stories etc.

This generation also saw the birth of 4k for consumer TV's - much like last gen was at the birth of HD - as well as HDR and VR of course. The latter perhaps the biggest transformative gaming experience and something Sony brought to the table for consoles. Admittedly VR is not something I have myself so I don't feel I can really comment on it. Its not something that interests me but I do recognise that it is a big step for gaming. As such, we had mid-cycle 'upgraded' consoles and Sony gave us the PS4 Pro offering more than 2x the GPU grunt with a minor boost to RAM and CPU - again to push more pixels to screen.

A note on the DS4 too whilst I am talking about hardware. I found the previous controllers very uncomfortable for prolonged gaming with my hand cramping up and triggers that were awkward to use. I assumed the discomfort was a lot to do with the symmetrical design but the DS4 was a much more comfortable and usable experience. The more bulbous grips made it a lot easier to game for hours on end in comfort. I can't really say the touchpad was a revelation as it ended up being more of a gimmick and often just a large extra button.

However, a console is judged more on the games than the hardware and this is where the PS4 excelled. As good as games like Killzone, God of War, Infamous etc were on PS3, I don't feel they were top tier must haves like Uncharted was. I think though that the studio's behind these really developed top tier games this generation with Horizon, God of War (reboot) and Ghost of Tsushima and of course Naughty Dog continued to bring 'top tier' games too. These were backed up by solid games from other studio's - both first and third party. Acquiring Insomniac too adds another 'top tier' studio to the list and Sony Bend could well become top tier next gen.

It seems that Sony wants a run of 'good' games from its studio's before they give them the creative freedom and more importantly time to take a 'good' idea to a polished top tier game. This bodes well for the future of course.

Third Party multi-platform games on the whole have been decent this generation too although I can't say I am happy with the way gaming has gone. Its not been without controversy at all - part of the way games are trending and many companies seem to be exploiting gamers too. We have seen 'games as a service, riddled with micro-transactional content and gambling in the form of loot boxes becoming more and more prevalent. I know the 'cost' of development has gone up with studio overhead costs increasing, game development taking longer etc but it doesn't take 10's of millions of game sales to recoup those costs - a few million is often all that's needed but the big issue is that publishers want to see financial growth and to get that with as little effort as possible - relying on fewer game releases and adding more and more digital content to the 'few' games they do release. Activision seem to be relying on Call of Duty (now Destiny has been let go for not making enough money) and a few re-releases of Crash/Spyro. EA seem to be releasing fewer games and relying a lot on its Sports franchises - but do have a few more game franchises in their line up.

On the whole though, I think Sony have delivered this generation. Whether it ranks as the 'best', I don't know. Perhaps the strongest from a Sony Studio's perspective but I think last generation was probably stronger overall with more 3rd party new IP's, new experiences and a bigger leap over the games and experiences. Games like Mass Effect, Dead Space, Bioshock, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Batman etc etc all had a big impact and whilst some franchises may have been around before and after last gen, this is the generation they were at their peak, transformed gaming as we knew it before and I don't feel its been quite at that level this generation. Sony did their part with their studio's but I don't feel the 'supporting' publishers did. Of course there are exceptions but overall, I think this generation hasn't exceeded last gen in terms of variety and new experiences...

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It is a great question, I personally will always have the SNES as my favourite ever console but I think that has a lot to do with what age you are or where you are in life when a console is released. The SNES came out whilst I was at school and I would game for hours alone and with friends (couch coop was much bigger then), I then got a Wildcard (A SNES copier which could copy any SNES game to disc and run no problem apart from FX games) which meant I could play lots of imported games without issues or the need for an adaptor, some of the games I never knew the name of as they were Japanese and unless they featured in magazines (there was no internet) I had no idea of how to find out.
I have gamed since the ZX Spectrum and came through Atari, Amiga, Sega and Nintendo but have been with Sony since the PS1, I fell in love with the brand and games and have never looked back. I think with games like Tekken and Ridge Racer it was probably the first time gaming at home felt on par with the arcade for me (of which I spent a lot of time and 10/20 pence pieces). Playing Gran Turismo was like playing Mario Kart back in the day, race after race with my friends making up rules for races (using a mini to complete a lap before a Subaru could complete 2 laps was a favourite) and the summer holidays after it was out I don't think a day went by when we didn't play, it was a glorious time.
I will admit though when the Playstation was first announced I was sceptical and didn't think the name was very good at all, how wrong was I!!!
Back to my favourite, the PS4 comes a close second to the SNES for me but as mentioned this has more to do with nostalgia I think. I am currently on a PS4 pro and believe we have been really lucky to have so many good games this generation. Whilst Zelda Link to the Past is and always will be (I think) my favourite game, current games such as GoW, Spiderman, Death Stranding, Wolfenstein II and Destiny are definitely in my top 10 of all time. I appreciate Destiny came out on the PS3 but it has got even better this generation (though I am currently on a break from it).
We also got VR this generation which I am a big fan of, Ace Combat, Blood & Truth, Astro bot and now Iron Man have been great example of what can be achieved.
Sorry for the ramblings (I could honestly go on) to summarise for me the SNES just edges out the PS4 by a gnats knacker but the PS4 (Pro) is the best Playstation to date IMO.



@Kidfried @Mostik the Snes is one of my favourite consoles too! I feel like it's just the pinnacle of 2d gaming (though I'm sure there were consoles with better graphics, I just didn't have them). I don't have a SNES game or even know a SNES game that looks bad these days, the graphics just feel timeless

I've had a cap on all my analog sticks since I got my PS4 too Kidfried, I think that was a benefit of being a late adopter, seeing all my friends with destroyed analog sticks allowed me to take action before it became a problem!



Well it certainly is better than the PS3. Everybody knew before launch, PS4 was better than Xbox One plus with its track record of having powerful exclusives it made the choice for consumers all the more easy. You'd notice all across the web, casuals and people who don't really care about gaming mention "PS4" in memes, posts or comments instead of using "videogame" because it's the only thing they keep hearing. There was a time, around the 360 gen, the word "Xbox" kept being used a lot on the internet in place of "videogame" but PS(4) came back hard to represent the word now. PS4 is up there with PS2 as the greatest consoles of all time. Here's hoping PS5 continues that greatness.

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@ralphdibny Yes mate absolutely, Super Mario World for me is unrivalled for platforming brilliance and then we had Donkey Kong, Aladdin, Super Probotector (Contra in the U.S.), Mega Man, Metroid, Castlevania! I could go on but it really was a golden generation!



I only got my PS4 in 2017, when the proper good games started coming out that I was interested in. By that point, games were cheaper and the console was pretty good for the price too. I’m glad I waited as I always have had something to play and honestly, it’s right up there with the PS2, Cube and Wii with some of my favourite games. I don’t think it’s quite going to topple the GameCube for me but that’s down to personal preference from that console’s exclusives rather than things like convenience and obviously graphics. Roll on PS5, that’s all I’ll say.

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@themcnoisy I'm gonna give this some thought and write up a proper reply later, but I just wanted to say thanks for the tag and kind words! This place would be lost without you, buddy!

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@ralphdibny I got a PS4 somewhere close to launch, then my way younger brother came over and spilt a can of coke over the controller. The coca cola got inside and I was never able to get the buttons to function normal again. I was a studying back then and didn't earn a lot of money with my part-time job, so that was quite a loss.

Afterwards I just went on to Google 'protect DualShock 4'. Didn't find anything to prevent what had happened to me (aside from never inviting family over ever again), but I did find an article recommending me those DualShock 4 caps, so I bought them.



Making a top 10 for the SNES is pretty hard, but for me it would look something like this perhaps.

1. Chrono Trigger
2. Super Mario World
3. Super Mario RPG
4. EarthBound
5. Final Fantasy VI
6. Donkey Kong Country
7. Super Metroid
8. Final Fantasy IV
9. Super Castlevania 4
10. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

I don't know if there's any PS4 game I like as much as the games in the top 5 here. Maybe Metal Gear Solid V might fit between EarthBound and Final Fantasy VI?



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