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So since the beta is out I figure we could use an OT to discuss The Crew 2.

The first one is one of my favorite games on the PS4 mind you I am not a big racing game fan and prefer arcadey style racers over sim ones. I also loved the idea of the big open world to play in in the first game so naturally I was excited when the second one was announced.

Well after playing The Crew 2 beta for a few hours I am somewhat disappointed by it. For one thing it just feels incomplete to me. I mean I didn't find anything resembling a story. I was told chose a car and thrown into the world without rhyme or reason except that I am a racer. Second of all I saw no events on the map like in the first game. I remember the first game the had spots where you can do challenged such as jumps or salaom style races and depending how good you are you get a reward. I didn't anything like that in The Crew 2.

I don't know maybe I am missing something but to be honest playing it just made me want to play the first one.

So anyone else have any thought on it? So far at this point I think I may pass on it and just stick with the first one for my racing fix.

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I prefer arcade racers too and enjoyed he first one up to quite late in the story when I couldn't get past one of the mission. Think it was a timed collecting things type missions, two of my least favourite types.

Credit to the devs for changing things up but for me it is to much as I just wanna race cars, none of this boats and planes stuff.

I never understand the reasons for releasing a beta which sounds so unfinished really close th day one. Makes no sense to me.

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