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So after my ps4 got bricked from the latest update, which Don't isn't going to admit to or pay for, I decided find out what the guts looked like. My findings: Seems they are following suit with MS making sure consumers receive products that are meant to break so we are forced to upgrade. After seeing this(can't post pic) I would like all of my money back. Literally all of it. Over $5000 in digital games and content that I now can't play or use seeing how "backwards compatibility" will never truly happen. 30 years I have spent with Sony. No way in hell will I purchase another product from you unless the ***** stops. Meaning full and complete backward compatibility. Every digital item purchased through PSN should be available from PS to PS5. We should not have to pay for items multiple times to fulfill your greed.

Thinking of playing games on the OG PS is now painful. Straight up, thanks for destroying my memories. I won't be able to reminisce with friends anymore. Oh and not to mention I just spent a nice chunk off money on games I'll never get to play. Glad I didn't pay for a year of PS Plus. Only got robbed of 3 months luckily. I'm so disgusted with this. In my 37 yrs I've never wanted to sure anyone until now. So lucky I can't prove the latest update was put out with the intention of bricking consoles to force upgrading. I'm not stupid.i know that's how it is. My gut is never wrong. You're stealing from us to line your pockets with worthless paper. Pathetic. Might as well stop competing with MS and merge since you've become the same.

The disappointment I feel is actually devastating and making me sick to my stomach. This is just terrible. Hope you feel good about yourselves.

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I don't think that's Push Square's fault. 😅

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It’s a ps4, potentially 10years old. Many electronics break in this time span. It’s just an unfortunate way of life. Some break after 1 use, some don’t.

You can still access your games etc if you buy a new console



@LoudMouthJester Username checks out.

Also I own 3 PS4’s (1 Pro & 2 OGs). Can confirm that the latest update did not brick the console.

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@Fight_Teza_Fight I was thinking the same LOL

I haven't updated my OG PS4 or my PS4 Pro recently to verify if the Console was 'bricked' after but as the Playstation 4 Community haven't suddenly erupted at the sudden loss of their Hardware, I can only assume that the update was NOT the cause of Hardware failure.

Part of the reason I haven't bothered with updating my PS4's is because my PS5 plays ALL my PS4 games - inc ALL the Digital games I have acquired through Purchases & PS+. I can't think of ANY PS4 game I can't play on a PS5. The PS4 itself certainly wasn't BC with the PS3 generation - the era that PSN started and Digital purchases became an option. So those games are 'locked' to my PS3 - just like the Discs versions are too. But as Digital was still very much in its infancy and it was 'expected' that games wouldn't carry forward back then, I didn't have a 'lot' of Digital games to lose and kept my PS3 anyway. Both the XB1 and PS4 at launch were a 'Clean' start, no carry over at all - at least not until MS brought BC to the XB1 a few years after launch and grew it to reasonable size, but still most OG Xbox & 360 games are NOT BC on Xbox today. There are some XB1 games that aren't 'playable' on a Series X - their 'Kinect' games for example.

There can be LOTS of reasons Games can't be playable or purchased today - like Activision not having the Marvel or Transformers Licence anymore for example...

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