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Is it a good idea to place the PS4 Pro on top of a small bookshelf that is 24.5 cm long, front to back? I heard that the PS4 pro is about 33cm (or is it 29.5cm) long, front to back. That means 9cm would be hanging off the back, or 4-5cm off the front and back. Does that run the risk of falling off the back of the shelf or getting knocked off?



Can't see an issue with a 4-5cm overhang on each side. Obviously if you've got kids or pets running around it might be another story. But it's not gunna come flying off the shelf if left alone.


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@kyleforrester87 You don't believe in ghosts I take it then?

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Don't forget earthquake. Years ago my fat 360 fell off a shelf after a big earthquake but the thing was so solid that it still works...

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Hmm over paranoid questions about something that can be easily fixed if you don't do that cause you are overly paranoid.

Looks like someone has wondered over here.


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