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So I've played thatgamecompany's games before. I absolutely loved Flower, I haven't gotten far into Journey without getting interrupted, and I've played the free PC version of flOw. I thought that the game was interesting and had a lot of potential. My question is whether or not it would be worth it for me to get the PS4 version of flOw? I like the improved visuals, but the use of sixaxis makes me nervous. Is it worth a buy even though I have the free version?

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Not sure how much the PS4 verion is. It was included in the Journey Collector's Edition, and that's the one I got. It's not a very deep game, more of an arcade experience. I've played through the game and I wasn't amazed, controls are a bit awkward though. I really wish the regular control stick movement was included as an option.



I liked Flow when I played it, but if you've got it for free already, I wouldn't pay to have it again.

Also, can't express enough how sad I was that thatgamecompany's third game after Flow and Flower wasn't called Flowest.


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Flower and Journey came after, and the games got better after. Flow is I believe $8 on PS4, and I think if you buy it for PS4, it's also cross play for PS3. I bought it on day one for PS3 and enjoyed it...didn't quite understand it at first, but enjoyed it. The controls are awkward at first, but it's just like Flower (relaxing with nice music).


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