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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I felt I owed it to the UK fans. In a stroke of marketing genius, it seems that Square Enix and IO Interactive have teamed up with Realm Pictures in their "real life" Hitman game to create a remotely controlled version of a live action set-up.

And for a special UK edition they have the Chucke Brothers controlling Agent 47.

For those outside the UK, the Chuckle Brothers are comedy entertainers with their humour usually aimed at children. They've been in show business for more than two decades. Paul Chuckle definitely seems the more psychopathic of the two.

There was a game idea here. It's gone now.



@Churchy: I saw that yesterday, stroke of genius having them two do this. "Bleed the radiator while you're at it" the poor hitman having to do manual labour.


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Not bad. lol I much preferred the Chatroullete one, though.

Huntin' monsters erryday.


Haha 😆 nice video.

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My favourite part was probably when they told him to fire the woman, then Paul psychopathically shouting "HIT HER! HIT HER!"




@Anchorsam_9: Haha, yeah - now we know which of the two is the more unhinged. For me, I love it when Paul starts commenting on the "state of that wall" during an assassination mission.

There was a game idea here. It's gone now.


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